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Dropzone Commander: Neuheiten

Nachschub für Dropzone Commander von TTCombat.

TTCombat DZC UCM Phoenix 01 TTCombat DZC UCM Phoenix 02 TTCombat DZC UCM Phoenix 03 TTCombat DZC UCM Phoenix 04 TTCombat DZC UCM Phoenix 05

UCM Phoenix – 30,99 Euro

The legions were designed for shock and awe, descending on the cradle worlds without warning and rapidly taking back what belongs to humanity. The Phoenix is an up-gunned beast. It is a heavy command platform which is always first into the fray with weapons blazing, issuing directives in real time to the troops. It was designed to come in with the first wave of planetary assaults where there is no existing ground presence and where a beachhead has to be established under enemy fire.

The Phoenix features multiple redundant systems as well as limited self repair systems. These give it the edge it needs in its role as a vanguard command aircraft, as securing beachheads is an incredibly dangerous task. Despite a sizeable portion of its bulk being dedicated to survival, the Phoenix packs a vast array of devastating weaponry. Its full armament consists of six UM-86 ‚Punisher‘ missiles, two triple-barrelled heavy chain cannons, and one pair or Point Defence Launchers.

Contains one multi-part aircraft. 10mm in scale with a length of 101mm.

TTCombat DZC PHR Nemesis 01 TTCombat DZC PHR Nemesis 02 TTCombat DZC PHR Nemesis 03 TTCombat DZC PHR Nemesis 04 TTCombat DZC PHR Nemesis 05 TTCombat DZC PHR Nemesis 06 TTCombat DZC PHR Nemesis 07

PHR Nemesis / Bellona – 30,99 Euro

The Type-4 is the largest thing the PHR have that isn’t considered a war engine. Once a rare sight on the battlefield, recently more and more have been spotted amongst PHR forces. Originally only one variant of these powerful walkers was identified, with others being mistaken as the Hades. Now that the battle for Earth is in full swing, UCM intelligence has identified and analysed at least 3 variants of this massive walker.

The Nemesis and Bellona are both built on the same variant of the Type-4 chassis. This large walker is an imposing, yet thankfully rare sight on the battlefield, built more as a command unit than a mobile weapons platform.

Sporting a Nemesis Laser in addition to the pair of RX-L Railguns the Nemesis is precision firepower at incredible ranges. Able to burn through any active countermeasures the laser is the bane of heavy tanks or walkers. While being rarely seen by the forces the PHR opposes, this walker has been a reliable command platform for those that prefer tactical strikes over brute force.

Once utilised by the legendary Marcus Barros, the Bellona Type-4 walker is now seeing more widespread use. While the change to mass production left behind some of the command and control features present in Barros‘ prototype, it is no less potent. With the same pair of RX-L Railguns present on the Nemesis, the Bellona trades the laser for a powerful Vanquisher Cannon. While not sporting the nigh-infinite range of the Nemesis this alternate weapon can obliterate its targets with advanced solid munitions.

Contains one multi-part walker that can be assembled as either a Nemesis Command Walker or a Bellona Type-4 Walker. 10mm in scale with a length of 135mm.

TTCombat DZC Shaltari Yari 01 TTCombat DZC Shaltari Yari 02 TTCombat DZC Shaltari Yari 03 TTCombat DZC Shaltari Yari 04 TTCombat DZC Shaltari Yari 05 TTCombat DZC Shaltari Yari 06 TTCombat DZC Shaltari Yari 07 TTCombat DZC Shaltari Yari 08 TTCombat DZC Shaltari Yari 09 TTCombat DZC Shaltari Yari 10 TTCombat DZC Shaltari Yari 11

Shaltari Yari / Tate – 12,99 Euro

The Yari is the Shaltari’s lightest and fastest ground unit. Indeed, it’s moves at such a pace that it can compete with some aircraft! The use of advanced communications in addition to this blistering speed makes the Yari an excellent scout unit.

Armed with a Microwave Cannon for killing infantry hiding in garrisons and cover by boiling them alive, a terrifying fate for the enemies of the Shaltari. Or armed with a Light Ion Cannon for taking out aerial targets, the Yari is a fast way to bring death to the enemy.

The Tate is a new development, at least as far as the UCM can tell for the Shaltari. Using the familiar Yari Chassis, the Tate swaps it’s weapon for a Shield Boosting Node. With it’s fast speed, this means it can deliver a shield booster to forces under attack, turning the tide of a firefight to the Shaltari’s favour.

Contains four multi-part skimmers that can be assembled as either a squad of Yaris or a squad of Tates. 10mm in scale with a length of 31mm.

TTCombat DZC Resistance 109BreachingDrill 01 TTCombat DZC Resistance 109BreachingDrill 02 TTCombat DZC Resistance 109BreachingDrill 03 TTCombat DZC Resistance 109BreachingDrill 04 TTCombat DZC Resistance 109BreachingDrill 05 TTCombat DZC Resistance 109BreachingDrill 06

Resistance Model 109 Breaching Drill – 15,49 Euro

Most battlefields on the Cradle Worlds are urban in nature, often with an intricate maze of tunnels honeycombing the subterranean regions. Architectural planners of the Cradle World cities were determined to preserve some of the beauty of their planets by hiding distasteful industrial and service related industries beneath the surface. Such tunnels were cut by a wide range of efficient drilling machines, most of which were stored underground until needed. The Resistance have used these tunnels to travel and hide from the Scourge since the earliest days of the invasion. As a matter of course, they tended to collapse most surface access points in any region they were operating in to provide some measure of security against enemy patrols.

The Resistance utilise breaching drills for surprise assaults against scourge held positions. With the ability to transport light vehicles, such as Technicals, ATV’s, and even MT-90 Jacksons, the Model 109 is capable of unloading incredible amounts of combatants right under the enemy.

Contains one multi-part breaching drill that can be assembled with drills and door open or closed. 10mm in scale with a length of 31mm.

Dropzone Commander wird in Deutschland über den Verlag Martin Ellermeier vertrieben.

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