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Corvus Games Terrain: Kaarsohn’s Refuge ‚Nursery‘

Corvus Games Terrain veröffentlicht eine Erweiterung für das „Kaarsohn’s Refuge“-Set.

Corvus Games Terrain Kaarsohn's Refuge Nursery Corvus Games Terrain Kaarsohn's Refuge Nursery2 Corvus Games Terrain Kaarsohn's Refuge Nursery3 Corvus Games Terrain Kaarsohn's Refuge Nursery4 Corvus Games Terrain Kaarsohn's Refuge Nursery5

Corvus Games Terrain – Kaarsohn’s Refuge – Nursery – STL – 10,00 EUR

„The ‘Nursery’ at the refuge was once a vital structure in the complex. It housed and incubated many indispensable nutrient-rich fungal species, essential to survival on this barren rock. Now, nothing save for discarded speeder components,  ancient droid motivators, and spoiled cargo containers.“

This set of three main buildings can be used as standalone structures or assembled into a much larger complex*. The buildings have the option of using OpenLOCK clips to connect them together. The entire structure measures a huge 600mm x 216mm (23.5 inches x 8.5 inches). Perfect companion piece to the main Kaarsohn’s Refuge printable terrain.

Each building has a number of roof options to choose from, depending on how you want to assemble the entire complex. A set of printable steps is also included to gain access to the roof of the main, center building.
The set also comes with a standalone entrance archway tower with two versions for thematic gameplay options.

The main buildings feature removable doors and the roofs lift off allowing access to the interior. Scaled for 28mm – 32mm this is compatible with Star Wars Legion.


Building C Lower – 180mm x 197mm x 123mm
Building C Roof – 183mm x 196mm x 33mm
Building D Lower – 100mm x 138mm x 123mm
Building D Roof – 100mm x 123mm x 62mm
Building E Lower – 109mm x 140mm x 123mm
Building E Roof – 108mm x 122mm x 62mm
Entrance Archway – 196mm x 97mm x 172mm

Link: Corvus Games Terrain

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