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Deadzone: Neue Previews

Mantic Games haben diverse Previews für Deadzone veröffentlicht und gleichzeitig über Zukunftspläne geredet.

Hope you enjoyed our tease of the contents in the Escalation supplement yesterday – if you missed out, make sure you read it here. Ahead of the information overload, which starts next week, today we’re highlighting some of the new or re-released miniatures accompanying the supplement.


MG Mantic Deadzone Previews 1

As mentioned in yesterday’s blog, the Volt-Chasers are an exciting new option for Veer-myn players. We’re creating a new Volt Chasers starter set – led by the insidious Thorn or Crone Mother – so you can run them as a pure Volt-Chasers faction or add them to your existing space rats.


MG Mantic Deadzone Previews 2

The Veer-myn aren’t the only faction getting a new starter set. The Rebs have been joined by Shayo Silverback and his team of hardened fighters. Shayo is a new leader for the Rebs and comes with a selection of new units, like the Simian Brawler. The Alpha Strike Team will only be available from the Mantic website and will be going up for pre-order next week.


MG Mantic Deadzone Previews 3

It’s Bolts – the happiest goblin alive! Bolts is a new leader for the Marauders and is sure to pack a punch against your foes. This metal kit comes with an optional head piece, so you can use it as Bolts or a standard Gruntbot – a new Specialist for the Marauders.

MG Mantic Deadzone Previews 4

And Bolts isn’t the only addition for the Marauders because we’re bringing back the Stuntbot. Hooray! After being out of print since time began, the Stuntbot is a resin kit that’s full of character. Escalation also brings some new weapon options for the Stuntbot and these separate arms will be available from the Mantic website so you can customise your Stuntbot’s weapon load out.


MG Mantic Deadzone Previews 5

With the Nameless continuing to strike against the GCPS, more species have flocked to the cause. The latest addition is the terrifying Feromite and the new leader, the Feromite Prime. A little like a smaller Ogre, the Feromite is a dangerous addition to the Nameless faction. This metal kit can be built as a Feromite or the Feromite Prime Leader.

MG Mantic Deadzone Previews 6

Talking of the Nameless, we realise that the Faction Starter has been out of stock for a while. Well, great news tentacle fans! We’re producing a new faction starter for 2019, which will be available in June. It’s also worth noting the Gunslinger has been changed to a Troop in Escalation, so you’ve got plenty of Troop options in this set.


MG Mantic Deadzone Previews 7

Need a little extra speed for your GCPS, Enforcers or Rebs? Look no further than the Mono-Wheel Scout Bike! Previously only available for the Enforcers, we’ve created versions for the Rebs (seen above with the cool Sphyr rider) and the GCPS. We’re also re-releasing the original Pathfinder version too – so no need for all you Enforcer players to feel left out.

All of the above products will be going on pre-order from the Mantic website next week.

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  • Ich freue mich schon auf den Release. Neue Modelle sind immer schon und das letzte Update war aus Balance Sicht zumindest für mein lokales Meta sehr gut.
    Zeit eine neue Fraktion zu starten. 🙂

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