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Darklands: Juni Neuheiten [NSFW]

Auch im Juni gibt es wieder Neuheiten von Mierce Miniatures!

MM Mierce Regal Joanna, Warrior Queen Of Mierce MM Mierce Langseax Joanna, Warrior Queen Of Mierce MM Mierce Shieldwall Joanna, Warrior Queen Of Mierce

  • Regal Joanna, Warrior-Queen of Mierce – 14,99 Pfund
  • Langseax Joanna, Warrior-Queen of Mierce – 12,99 Pfund
  • Shieldwall Joanna, Warrior-Queen of Mierce – 12,99 Pfund

Joanna is the fantastic new Warrior-Queen of Mierce for the Anglecynn, the Lady of Tamtun and the wife of the mighty Penda himself. Sculpted by Bob Płociennik from the artwork by Kurt Jakobi, she has some superb special rules in Darklands, too!

There’s three different versions of Joanna – Shieldwall Joanna with langseax and shield, Langseax Joanna with langseax in two hands and shield on her back, and Regal Joanna – which is strictly limited edition and very regal indeed!

MM Mierce Hakon The Hale, Vagrant Bisceop On Foot

  • Hakon the Hale, Vagrant Bisceop on Foot – 12,99 Pfund

Sculpted by Bob Płociennik from the artwork by Kurt Jakobi, Hakon the Hale is a totally new ancestor sell-sword for the Anglecynn. Based on the brief given to us by Christian Hacon (known as Bishmeister or Badass Bishop in real life), the guy that creates our amazing terrain boards for the shows we attend, Hakon is a lover, not a fighter, a wandering vagrant most people take for a simple peasant from the back of beyond. Watch out for his potions, though!

MM Mierce Dragonshield Angedern, Prifdyndraig Of Gwaelod 1 MM Mierce Great Cleaver Angedern, Prifdyndraig Of Gwaelod MM Mierce Two Cleaver Angedern, Prifdyndraig Of Gwaelod

  • Dragonshield Angedern, Prifdyndraig of Gwaelod – 34,99 Pfund
  • Great Cleaver Angedern, Prifdyndraig of Gwaelod – 34,99 Pfund
  • Two Cleaver Angedern, Prifdyndraig of Gwaelod – 34,99 Pfund

When the opportunity came to resculpt the current Angedern (which is far too big and will be deleted very soon) for the Brythoniaid, we grabbed it with both hands. Sculpted by Bob Płociennik from the artwork by Dan Warren, we asked Bob to change up his pose and make him look like he could go ten rounds with Tyson without breaking sweat – a task Bob rose to magnificently, because Angedern looks bloody ace.

There’s three versions of him – Dragonshield Angedern with cleaver and dragon skull shield, Great Cleaver Angedern and Two Cleaver Angedern – and whilst the versions you see are set (i.e., what you see is what you will get), the armoured / unarmoured heads are interchangeable, as is the unfortunate thing Angedern is stepping on – so you can purchase extra components if you wish. We think you’ll agree, this new version is utterly brilliant – and very flexible!

MM Mierce Vul I Gonyeka, Hippoxus Vulgus

  • Vul I Gonyeka, Hippoxus Vulgus – 99,99 Pfund

One Hippoxus for the Byzantii just wasn’t enough for us. Joining Onumo this month to form the Vul I Gonyeka, Hippoxus Vulgus are two more of the big fat hippo-men we know and love, Gonyeka with more bell ends than you can shake a stick at and Ngozig, who seems to enjoy ripping up gravestones and turning them into nunchuks. As Allan Carrasco says, “I just sculpt ‚em, mate.” In French, obvs.

MM Mierce Daghda Lúg, Beast Of Danu

  • Daghda Lúg, Beast of Danu – 39,99Pfund

Didier Fancagne (the sculptor) made Daghda Lúg from Des Hanley’s artwork, so he did, and we love him for it. The tree-fellas wouldn’t be the same if another sculptor took them on! This here Érainn Beast of Danu is a big lad, to be sure, probably because he eats more than three Shredded Wheat of a morning, but that’s no drawback – in Darklands, he can stick his arms in the ground and tickle people that are very far away, a useful skill, we’re sure you’ll agree.


MM Mierce Aanchuth The Cursed

  • Aanchuth the Cursed, Gabrax Warlock on Toracx – 34,99 Pfund

Without much ado about anything Tim Prow converted a Toracx into Aanchuth the Cursed’s mount of choice, from Dan Warren’s artwork of course. That’s literally all we can say about that, really.

Oh, there’s a hoof and mounted version of him, too, so get that if you haven’t got any Aanchuths already.

MM Mierce Kkleek's Throwers

  • Kkleek’s Throwers, Megakontabolos Battery – 79,99 Pfund

Sculpted by Bob Płociennik from input by yours truly, Kkleek’s Throwers is a battery of three Megakontaboloi, great javelin throwers, small artillery pieces favoured by the Sávrar as they are easily built, simple to operate and deadly on the battlefield. Commanded by Kkleek, a Sávrapolyonarch warchief, this unit brings your Khthones host some much needed long range punch! You can purchase Kkleek on his own, of course, and you can also get hold of one war engine with Rillik’s Thrower and some Armaments. Behold the choice (not the man)!

MM Mierce Lamashtia, Pleasure Demon With Swords

  • Lamashtia, Pleasure Demon with Swords – 59,99 Pfund

Another BaneLegion everybody thought we’d forgotten about, but haven’t really, Lamashtia was converted by Yannick Hennebo from the original Euryalia by Allan Carrasco. She’s not a looker… but you would.

MM Mierce Sir Onumo Huntington Smythe

  • Sir Onumo Huntington-Smythe, Explorer Hippoxus – 44,99 Pfund

Stealthier than a bull in a china shop he may be, but once Sir Onumo Huntington-Smythe gets a whiff of his quarry it won’t be long before that blunderbuss/ax combo wakes up the jungle! Strictly limited to one hundred miniatures, we’ve got forty odd left for sale for our webstore, so be quick if you want him!

Standing on an 80mm base and being around 80mm tall, Sir Onumo Huntington-Smythe is more than a match for anything he is hired to hunt – and the ladies cannot help but be impressed by that gentlemanly moustache and his portly physique…

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  • Die Figur soll angeblich der Frau vom Mierce-Chef ähneln…ob das auch für die Oberweite gilt, weiß ich nicht.

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