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Comet Lord: 3D Patreon

Wir haben einen weiteren Patreon entdeckt für alle unter euch, die einen 3D Drucker haben.

CL Foto1

Comet Lord Miniatures is a project I’ve been working on for a few years now. I’ve been designing miniatures for tabletop games and I want to expand to creating content for folks with 3D Printers or access to 3D Printers. 3D Printing is quickly becoming more affordable and the quality folks can achieve is pretty amazing. I’m hoping some of my designs will make it to your 3D Printers and then they can make your players think twice about the enemy they are fighting at your gaming tables.

About the miniatures

My style is dark fantasy most of the time. I like to create monstrous creatures with my own twist or take on them. Like a Beholder wearing armor or knuckle dragging Myconid that is as large as a giant. But, I would like to mix it up with some player character models, interesting terrain pieces, props and more.

What do you get for supporting Comet Lord Miniatures?

I’m wanting to create 2-3 miniatures a month for this Patreon (some things can get pretty complex or massive in size so things can vary). You will get early access to these files and will not need to pay beyond your subscription fee for them. You will have access to these files for a month after they are released to you. Once I have enough funding I’ll set up a web shop so I can sell these files to anyone that doesn’t want to subscribe to a Patreon or just missed out on earlier files. All files will be for personal use only.

CL Februar Releases3 CL Februar Releases2 CL Februar Releases1

Wer sich von der Qualität der Dateiern überzeugen will bevor er beim Patreon mitmacht, kann sich einen Stone Sentinel runterladen und drucken:

CL Stone Sentinel1 CL Stone Sentinel2

Stone Sentinel – Comet Lord Miniatures – STL Version
Stone Sentinel – Comet Lord Miniatures – OBJ Version
Link: Comet Lord Miniatures auf Patreon

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