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Statuesque Miniatures: Left at the Bottom of the Garden

Ein interessantes und auch eher ungewöhnliches Projekt von Statuesque Miniatures: Left at the Bottom of the Garden.

Here’s another project I’ve been tinkering with lately as I disappear down a rabbit hole of making odd little things on a whim.

They’re currently scaled at 10mm across the base, though I’ll probably make them a wee bit bigger as that’s so small as to be ridiculous. The details would all be fine at that size though.

I’m planning to add a few more including two grumpy beanbag cats. I might also add some texture to the bases.

Statuesque LatBotG Statuesque LatBotG2 Statuesque LatBotG3 Statuesque LatBotG4 Statuesque LatBotG5 Statuesque LatBotG6 Statuesque LatBotG7

Why are the toys wandering through the woods? They’re following a toy penguin. He seems to know where he’s going. The rats and mice find pretty stones to add to his necklace.

Another enjoyable figure to make for ‚Left at the Bottom of the Garden‘. He’s very proud of his stone necklace.

Statuesque LatBotG8 Statuesque LatBotG9 Statuesque LatBotG10 Statuesque LatBotG11

Here are the final two pieces for the first chapter of ‚Left at the Bottom of the Garden‘ – two toy hoodie crows.

The other toys would have been quite happy to stay at the bottom of the garden if these crows hadn’t appeared one day, with their annoying and somewhat rude ways.

Unfortunately, the crows have also followed them into the woods.

Statuesque LatBotG12 Statuesque LatBotG13

All the toys together for ‚Left at the Bottom of the Garden‘.

Statuesque LatBotG14

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