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Black Site Studio: Knighthaven

Black Site Studio hat eine neue Reih emit Pre-Painted MDF Fantasy Gebäuden am Start, die sehr mordheim’esque aussehen.

Black Site Studio Knighthaven Black Site Studio Knighthaven2 Black Site Studio Knighthaven3 Black Site Studio Knighthaven4 Black Site Studio Knighthaven5 Black Site Studio Knighthaven6 Black Site Studio Knighthaven10

Black Site Studio – Knighthaven

Are you bold enough to venture into the depths of Knighthaven?


We are excited to go live with our second large fantasy release this month. Following last week’s release of the Arkand Crypt, we’re travelling to the town of Knighthaven. A twisted ruin of a once proud city.

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As always, these detailed kits come prepainted and once assembled are ready to go!

We’ve designed an awesome mixture of ruined and intact buildings of various sizes, as well as some roads, details and walkways. We’re big fans of games such as Metal King Studios Relic Blade, Osprey Games Frostgrave and Oathsworn miniatures Burrows and Badgers so when it came time to design some terrain, we knew we wanted some buildings to play these games on!

Now it’s time to hunt for some loot 🤘

Black Site Studio Knighthaven7 Black Site Studio Knighthaven8 Black Site Studio Knighthaven9

Buckley Gatehouse

Our first spotlight post on our new #knighthaven range is the very cool Buckley Gatehouse.


This kit is PACKED with a ton of really fun pre painted details such as removable floors, working doors and a working gate

Its probably our favorite kit from this weeks release and we cant wait to use it in a few of our Relicblade and Frostgrave games.


Link: www.blacksitestudio.com

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