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Avatars of War: Neuheiten

Avatars of War haben sowohl einen Halblingsschurken als auch einen Salamander für das neunte Zeitalter veröffentlicht.

AoW Halfling Rogue 1 AoW Halfling Rogue 2

Halfling Rogue – 10,95€

Do not be fooled for their small size is only an advantage for Halfling Rogues.

Snatched from their family as children, they are trained tirelessly until they become lethal and merciless assassins and thieves.

Sculpted by Felix Paniagua

AoW Salamander 1 AoW Salamander 2

Salamander – 16,95€

Salamanders are gigantic amphibians that live in the underground lakes of the Netherdome, where they find the high temperatures they like.
These fearsome monsters not only use their sharp claws and teeth as weapons; they are also capable of spitting an igneous liquid very similar to pure lava, and their skin is so hot that even the slightest contact causes burns.

Sculpted by Richard Sweet

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