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Warzone: Neue Previews

In der offiziellen Facebookgruppe für Warzone und Mutant Chronicles wurden neue Render und Konzepte für neue Modelle für Warzone Resurrection gezeigt.

Prodos Games Warzone Resurrection Wild Huntsman Render Preview

Ok, this is the Wild Huntsman, 10 pieces model. It will be 11 in the final version as I want to hide a parting line on the animal’s mane. I am showing you assembled model from two angels, as you can see 10 pieces but the model is not dull/static. Other Huntsman model can consist of more parts, but we don’t want to do more than 13 per the main model, to have some space on a sprue for customizations parts (armour plates for the animal, alternative arms/head). Let me know in the comments what you think and what customization pieces you would like to see.

Prodos Games Warzone Resurrection Terrain Preview 1 Prodos Games Warzone Resurrection Terrain Preview 2

In works, but getting there. Clip system for floors, no glue is needed, so the terrain can be flat packed after game.

Prodos Games Warzone Resurrection Brotherhood Preview
Still a WIP, not approved whatsoever so it’s subject to changes. However, I would like to share the idea with you. I must say that plastic has some limitations, but if we manage to make these models in plastic as per render, it will be a top class plastic set. Also, more customizable elements will be added once we know how much space all three models will take on a sprue. Currently, the kit contains hooded heads, but I want some alternative to the back-wings-banner.
Quelle: Warzone – Mutant Chronicles auf Facebookgruppe

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  • Leck mich fett! Das sieht schon wirklich gut aus und ich hoffe, dass die Modelle auch grnauso umgesetzt werden. Das Gelände sieht auchbgut aus. Ich freu mich drauf.

  • Das Gelände erinnert mich stark an das Pegasus-Gelände, allerdings in einer verbesserten Version…

    Der „nicht“-Grey-Knight ist super, das muss man mal beobachten…

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