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ShadowSea: Kickstarter Previews

Auf Facebook gibt es weitere Previews auf den kommenden Kickstarter, mit dem die Erweiterung The Stygian Depths – Lost Temple of Xibalba und mehr finanziert werden soll.

Antimatter Games Shadow Sea The Stygian Depths Lost Temple Of Xibalba KS Preview

Our Kickstarter is launching soon for new game supplements for ShadowSea and new miniatures for ShadowSea and DeepWars. The primary game supplement is The Stygian Depths – Lost Temple of Xibalba, a solo and co-op dungeon adventure within a temple of ancient evil. Players take small warbands of 3-4 miniatures into the temple, randomly building the dungeon with variable floor tiles that have interactive scenic elements, deadly creatures and fabulous treasures. Water plays a major part in the adventure, with many rooms partially or completely flooded, allowing for amphibious models from DeepWars to take part in the game. The new book will come complete with rules that are full compatible with ShadowSea and DeepWars and will introduce new Stygian forces that can be used in either game.

Antimatter Games Shadow Sea DeepWars 2 Player Starter Set Render Preview 1 Antimatter Games Shadow Sea DeepWars 2 Player Starter Set Render Preview 2 Antimatter Games Shadow Sea DeepWars 2 Player Starter Set Render Preview 3 Antimatter Games Shadow Sea DeepWars 2 Player Starter Set Render Preview 4

Here are WIP renders of the two new leaders in the DeepWars 2-player starter set, Lucius Cromwell and Cylla Darkmyre.

Antimatter Games Shadow Sea Dungeon Preview

Here is another sample of a „dungeon“ card for the Stygian Depths. It is not final, but it gives the idea of what there will be on the cards and shows how the two room versions will work. These will be Tarot sized and be picked at random as the warband explores the temple. There will be rooms, corridors, lairs and one Quest chamber entrance in the main dungeon deck. At the start of the game, the players will randomly add a few of each card type to the deck to build it.

Antimatter Games Shadow Sea Tile Preview

Here is a sample image of some tiles for the Stygian Depths, Lost Temple of Xibalba with a few Fortune Hunters exploring.

Quelle: The Abyssal Realms Facebookgruppe

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