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Hasslefree Miniatures: News & Update

Hasslefree ist wieder aktiv – Neuerscheinungen und ein Update per Newsletter.

We’re Back!

Hey everyone,

Well this has been a difficult year for us and no mistake. I’m not going to go over it all again, for anyone who’s been around they’ll have seen the past posts and announcements. And even with everything that’s gone on, the vast majority of our customers won’t have seen any difference. For those unlucky enough to be in the annoyed minority, I am sorry, there is a section below relevant to you 🙂
This, however, is the start of our release schedule again. It’s a little less glorious of a start than planned due to a small flood (see below) but the show must go on and releases were happening if it killed me 😀 This week we have metal releases, I’ll be updating the FB pagethrough the week with the new photos of the actual metal, leading up to next Sunday’s newsletter where we’ll release a large bunch of new Resin Masters.

I’m sorry, did you say a ‚flood‘?

Hasslefree Sep Newsletterflood

Sadly, yes I did. We had a mini storm here in the UK this past week and one night the guttering in the row of warehouses, where HF Headquarters lives, broke.
Nothing ‚major‘ happened, the office is fine. But a bunch of stuff got ruined and it sucked up a lot of time dealing with it. That being said, lets get on with actually releasing miniatures again!

I’ll include it on every listing, but I’m also going to say here, these are METAL miniatures being released, I’m using the resin images due to the time sink of the flood. I’ll update the FB page during the week with the metal images and include them in a section in next week’s newsletter too.


Hasslefree Sep Newsletter

The Cartwright Brothers

The infamous Cartwright brothers, six sons of a survivalist who named them all after his favourite weapons manufacturers.
Colt is the third and Smith is the youngest. They spend most of their time together, travelling the country.
Please note, these are METAL miniatures being released!

Hasslefree Sep Newsletter2


McKenzie ‚Falcon‘ Harris is a member of Kestrel’s scout squad. Armed here with a G36c. Please note, these are METAL miniatures being released!

Hasslefree Sep Newsletter3

Clan Ulf

Clan Ulf is the first multi-pack of Ulfred’s Viking clan, Ulfred and Haleth are existing releases while the below three are newly released today and also available separately.
Top left, Bjornolf; Top Right; Halvdan; Centre, Ulfred; Bottom Left, Sigrid; Bottom Right; Haleth.

Bjornolf Beornson, a raider in Ulfred’s clan. Big, strong, fearless and usually carrying a very large axe.

Sigrid Hjálmun, a shieldmaiden known for somehow avoiding helmet hair no matter how long the battle. Armed with a round shield, sword and runehelmet.

Halvdan Rasmussen, one of the few outsiders in Ulfred’s clan. His heritage may be mixed but his loyalty is true. A man of many weapons, seen here with a large maul that seems awfully light in his hands but also regularly seen with smaller, faster, weapons.
Please note, these are METAL miniatures being released!

Hasslefree Sep Newsletter4

Dynamic Armoured Kayden

Kayden, slayer-sister of Hayden. Caught in the middle of an overhead chop with her two-handed runesword and wearing a scalemail shirt.
Please note, these are METAL miniatures being released!

Hasslefree Sep Newsletter5

Octavia Amser

Octavia is a Chronomancer, a skilled magic user in general she specialises in the arcane magicks of time. Able to slow her surroundings to a crawl or blink between moments she is far more than she at first looks. Please note, these are METAL miniatures being released!

Hasslefree Sep Newsletter6

Lord Morte

Lord Morte, ex disciple of Ulthrak before finding his own path. Still a worshipper of the Dark Gods it has been some time since anyone has seen him without his slowly deteriorating armour. Armed with a darksteel sword and skull shield. Please note, these are METAL miniatures being released!

Hasslefree Sep Newsletter7

The Ghast

Not all ghouls are made equal. How ghouls come about isn’t entirely known, some say they are created by the death of a cannibal, others claim black magic is involved, but no matter how they come about they keep some of the power of their human form.

A Ghast is when the living human who becomes the flesh eating undead was a powerful specimen indeed.
The Ghast was made as a little tribue to the artist Bernie Wrightsonwho passed in 2017.
Please note, these are METAL miniatures being released!

Hasslefree Sep Newsletter8

Commander Slaughter

Commander Slaughter of the Galactic Navy’s ATF (Alien Task Force) is one of a dying breed. A veteran of the Druusch Wars he is still far more at home exploring dangerous hulks and alien planets than doing anything even resembling paperwork.

They keep promoting him in the hopes that one day he’ll choose to pass on his vast array of alien knowledge and fighting techniques to the next generation. If he ever comes back to the Sol system that is. There are those who say he probably doesn’t even realise he’s still enlisted, never mind his own rank.

Armed here with a variant of the SHARD rifle and a customised handheld chainsaw. Please note, these are METAL miniatures being released!

Hasslefree Sep Newsletter9a Hasslefree Sep Newsletter9b Hasslefree Sep Newsletter9c

Upcoming Resin Releases

Those of you who follow Kev’s Artist FB Page will have already seen these, but Kev has been squirreling away producing top class minis this entire time so there are a ‚lot‘ of upcoming Resin Master releases in the wing now.
This is just a sample of them, there’s lots more!

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