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Gingermane: Neuheiten

Eine Reihe von SF-Gelände und Zubehör Neuheiten gibt es bei Gingermane.


Hello fellow nerds all around the world! As promised here is my big store update with several new products! From small los blockers to some massive constructions! There should be something for everyone interested. Even for those that love building vertically.

So whats new?

Products: SF 028 Ladder Set, SF 029 Planter Set, SF 031, 032, 033, 034 Balcony sets, SF 035 Support Beam and A 014 Deus Vult Token Set.

New Color options in the Accessory section! Now you can get your favorite tokens in four colors. Red, Fluo Orange, Fluo Green and Ice blue!

Check out the new stuff at http://gingermane.eu

Wish you all the best!
– Michał

Gingermane Ladder

SF 028 – Ladder Set – 9,50 EUR

Gingermane Planters 2 Gingermane Planters 1

SF 029 – Planter Set – 15,00 EUR

Gingermane Balcony Set Small 2 Gingermane Balcony Lower Small 1 Gingermane Balcony Lower Small 2

SF 031/32 – Lower / Upper Balcony – Small – je 19,00 EUR /

Atlas Industries is here to provide the newest solutions in the industry for our clients and expand the offer with add-on balconies. A sturdy frame as a construction base, light skeletal walls to add extra durability and take off weight. For the clients convenience we kept a lot of features modular to fit custom purposes.

Atlas Industries, creating better worlds.

Gingermane Balcony Lower Big 1 Gingermane Balcony Lower Big 2 Gingermane Balcony Set Big 1 Gingermane Balcony Set Big 2

SF 033/34 – Lower / Upper Balcony –  Big – je 21,00 EUR

Gingermane Support Beam 2 Gingermane Support Beam 1 Gingermane Support Beam 4

SF 035 – Support Beam – 9,50 EUR

Gingermane Deus Vult

A 014 – Deus Vult Token Set – 7,00 EUR

Do you lack fine things in life?
Are your victories missing that extra spark?

Look no further fellow gamers as from now on you can rub your victory in your opponent’s face. Show off your pride! Strike fear in every foe, while dishing out devastating orders with style.

Link: Gingermane Studio




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