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FW: Adeptus Titanicus Separate Waffengussrahmen

In Reaktion auf die Ankündigung des neuen Bausatzes des Warlord Titanen für Adeptus Titanicus, wurden die Waffengussrahmen als separaten Release im Jahr 2019 angekündigt.

Guns for your God-Machines

Forge World Adeptus Titanicus Guns For Your God Machines 1

Yesterday, you got your first look at the forthcoming Warlord Battle Titan with Plasma Annihilator and Power Claw, bringing even more city-destroying firepower to the battlefields of Adeptus Titanicus. The response on our Forge World Facebook page has been immense, with thousands of you expressing your excitement, and many of you asking whether you’ll be able to get the new weapon options separately.

Well, we’ve heard your voices and, having incanted the litanies of swift delivery, we can confirm the weapon frame from the new Warlord Battle Titan with Plasma Annihilator and Power Claw will be made available separately early in the new year.

Forge World Adeptus Titanicus Guns For Your God Machines 2

As you can see, the new sprue is packed with options – a pair of Sunfury Plasma Annihilators, the option for an Arioch Titan Power Claw, and even a choice of two heads for your Warlord.

Forge World Adeptus Titanicus Guns For Your God Machines 3

Princeps of burgeoning Titan maniples will be pleased to know the same is also true of the weapon frame from the yet-to-be-announced* Reaver Battle Titan with Melta Cannon and Chainfist – perfect for those of us who like to magnetise weapon fittings for optimum versatility.

Forge World Adeptus Titanicus Guns For Your God Machines 4

Thanks for all your comments – your passion and involvement helps keep the Warhammer hobby great. Keep talking to us.

Now… go get those god-machines painted, people!

In the meantime, if you’re looking to take your first steps and walk with the greatest war engines in the Imperium of Man, check out the rules for Adeptus Titanicus and join the battle.

* Wait, did we just announce a Reaver Battle Titan? Huh. Guess we did.

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  • Ich weiß ich wiederhole mich: die Versuchung einen zweiten Warlord zu holen ist trotzdem nocg da. 😊 Aber ja: coole Sache! 👍🏻

  • Siehste, also doch Gussrahmen. Hatte eigentlich noch auf den anderen WL Kopf gehofft, aber vielleicht ist die Lucius-Frontplatte irgendwo noch versteckt. Cool ist, das da gleich zwei Plasmawaffen bei sind, mit den Multilasern wird der auf 24 Zoll richtig böse. Und da wird wohl auch noch n Reaver fällig.

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