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Warzone: Dragonbikes und T32 Wolf Claw

Für Warzone Resurrection rücken zwei neue Fahrzeuge an, die Dragonbikes verstärken die Truppen von Mishima und der T32 Wolf Claw rollt aus den Fabriken von Bauhaus an.

Prodos Games Warzone Mishima Dragonbikes 1 Prodos Games Warzone Mishima Dragonbikes 2 Prodos Games Warzone Mishima Dragonbikes 3

Dragonbikes – 23,16 Euro

Shipping starts 23rd of July.

Originally designed for engagements within the dark, water-filled caverns of Mercury, the Dragonbike has since been adapted by local keiretsu on other planets to provide a fast response against massed infantry and armoured threats alike.

The front of the bike is sculpted to have the appearance of a dragon, whose open mouth belches flame, lead, and death to its enemies. Once their enemy is wounded, the pack will descend upon it and use specially crafted swords augmented with Cybertronic technology that enables the blade to slice through thick plating with ease.

Box contains:

  • 2x Dragonbike Multipart resin models

Prodos Games Warzone Bauhaus T32 WOLF CLAW 1 Prodos Games Warzone Bauhaus T32 WOLF CLAW 2

Prodos Games Warzone Bauhaus T32 WOLF CLAW 3 Prodos Games Warzone Bauhaus T32 WOLF CLAW 4 Prodos Games Warzone Bauhaus T32 WOLF CLAW 5

T32 Wolf Claw – 34,79 Euro

This is Pre-Order – shipping starts 23rd of July 2017.

The Bauhaus T-32 Junior Battle Tank, also known as the Wolfclaw, is a staple in the armies deployed to fight in dense flora-infested terrain. Its primary function is to provide artillery support for front line troops with its imposing triple-barreled main cannon. The Synchronized Steiner Industries 3CHE-65 turret can fire three shellsin succession to pepper an area, or all three at once, resulting in a conflagration that causes any survivors to bury their heads into the dirt.

On their homeworld, the Venusian Rangers often hop onto the rear of the tank and use its deadly front-mounted cutting blade to clear a path through the jungle, before leaping off and disappearing into the underbrush.

Box contains:

1x Multipart resin Wolf Claw model

Quelle: Prodos Games


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