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Bad Squiddo Games: Gun Peegs

Meerschweinchen mit Waffen und Helmen, muss man mehr sagen?

Gun Peegs

Aww, aren’t these a delight? I have a huge box of Gunny Peegs arrive today, and even more on the way. Now shown painted by Andrew Taylor (sculpted by Jo Brumby and Darren Edwards).
I love it when something happens totally organically. This time last year if you said I’d be producing guinea pigs of a post apocalyptic world I would have narrowed my eyes (although also been mega excited). They really have just kinda….happened. This is definitely what happens when an Annie, Jo and Darren get scheming.
We’re getting really close to KS shipping too. Most of the surveys and pledge managers are back in (if you haven’t – go go go!).
As soon as the Kickstarters are all shipped, these little explosive squeepers will be available from the site and shows as normal. As well as the ladies…tankers etc. Will I have them at Vapnartak? I have no idea, it would be cool hey! Depends if the KS are shipped out or not, I don’t want to be that meano selling things before the backers have got their things (or at least have them in the post). Keep tuned!
Also a thankyou and hello wave to Hannah who has joined the team of casting Squiddos and done a bloody excellent job on these peegs, super impressed. (And yes Chris who moulded them, claps for you too!)
And if you’ve read this far….. Gun Buns are coming. BOOM.
Bad Squiddo Games

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