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Spectre Miniatures: Razor Alfa und Zubehör

Der Razor Alfa Jeep und Zubehör von Spectre Miniatures ist erschienen.

Spectre Miniatures Razor Side Spectre Miniatures Razor Spectre Miniatures Razor Rear

Spectre Miniatures Razor Crew Stowage 1 Spectre Miniatures Razor Crew Stowage 2

Razor Alfa – 24,99 GBP


The Razor Light Strike and Support Vehicle is a multi-role battlefield vehicle optimised to support special operations forces. It is used primarily for reconnaissance missions, or moving troops, forward air controllers and fire support weapons into position rapidly over rough terrain.

It can carry a crew of two (driver and commander/gunner) and up to two additional passengers in the storage tray seats. If not moving passengers, it can carry a payload in the rear of equipment, ammunition or support weapons.

The rules to use the Razor in your games of Spectre: Operations can be found here: Razor Rules

The Razor is an advanced model kit, which can be built by anyone with a little patience! the guide to build the model can be found here. We suggest dry fitting parts before gluing.

Spectre Miniatures Razor Crew Alfa


Razor Crew Alfa – 2,50 GBP


This set includes two crew figures designed to fit into the front of the Razor. The seats are attached, as is the GPMG of the gunner.It is highly recommended that you test fit all parts before assembly as items can shift position in the moulding process. The drivers arms can be gently bent to allow them to fit neatly around the steering wheel.


Spectre Miniatures Razor Crew Bravo


Razor Crew Beta – 2,50 GBP


This set includes two crew figures designed to fit into the back seats of the Razor. Seats are modeled attached to the figures.


Spectre Miniatures Razor Stowage Alfa


Razor Stowage Alfa – 2,99 GBP


This set includes stowage options specially designed for the Razor vehicle. The set includes two NATO Jerry cans in racks and one spare tyre.


Spectre Miniatures Stowage Spectre Miniatures Razor Stowage Alfa

Stowage Alfa – 7,50 GBP


Stowage Alfa consists of gear to equip your Technicals or Razor vehicles, or for battlefield scatter terrain or conversion projects.  It consists of:

1 each of large, medium and small cooler/storage box

1 x long gun Pelican case.

2 x mid-size Pelican cases.

1  x laptop Pelican case.

2 x ammo boxes

4 x NATO Jerry cans

1 x SatCom Antenna

2 x Sand Boards

2 x Multi-Barrelled Smoke Grenade Dischargers (MBSGD)

1 x AT-4

4 x Light Antitank Weapon (LAW)

4 x packs


Zur Zeit sind der Razor Alfa und das Stowage Alfa Set im Webshop leider vergriffen.

Link: Spectre Miniatures

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