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Runewars: Aymhelin Scions

Aggressive Bäume stehen im Fokus einer neuen Vorschau für die Latari Elfen in Runewars von Fantasy Flight Games.

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In war, Aymhelin Scions march alongside their Latari allies to protect their home. Their roots can feel the shifting of earth and stone, granting them an almost preternatural awareness of enemy movements. Cutting through enemy lines with their powerful limbs and withstanding blow after blow with their tough natural armor, these beings are powerful allies to the Elves as much as they are terrible foes to all others. As long as the Latari offer their songs in gratitude, the Aymhelin itself will move in alliance with the Elves. With the very might of nature as an ally, no foe can withstand the power of the Latari, who will stop at nothing to protect their sacred forest from destruction.

Today we’re previewing the Aymhelin Scion unit in the  Latari Elves Army Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game!

These lumbering Scions defend their home with fierce loyalty and when called upon decimate the foes of the Latari Elves with their unparalleled strength. The Latari Elves Army Expansion features one Aymhelin Scion figure that can be fielded for fourteen points!

Paralyzing Strength

The Scion’s Unit ability allows it to spend two surge tokens to give the defender a stun token, which can be used to deny that unit a modifier. Furthermore, whenever the Aymhelin Scion collides with an enemy or an enemy collides with it, that unit receives an immobilize token, potentially locking them in place and making them a prime target for the Scion’s potent melee attack that uses one red and two blue die.

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Scion units can be fielded with one tray for fourteen points, two trays for twenty-five points, four trays for forty-two points, or six trays for sixty-two points.

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While the Scion’s command dial contains static two and three-speed marches, its most interesting movement option comes in the form of an initiative-three march. This march has a speed equal to the amount of natural energy runes on the field—what the march lacks in consistency, it makes up for in expediency. At initiative-three, this march action will likely be one of the first actions taken during a round. If the march is modified by a charge while there are multiple natural runes on the field, it can take your opponent by surprise and give the Scion a degree of speed it normally lacks. While the Scion’s blue modifiers often reduce its speed, the upgrade card Trumpets found in the Latari Elves Army Expansion can get rid of those movement penalties and allow the Scion to shift its position while moving forward towards its targets for only two points.

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The Scion also relies on the runes on the field for protection, with a variable defense value based on the number of stable energy runes on the field. If there are few stable runes on the field, the Scion’s command tool features a universal plus-one defense modifier to assist when the runes don’t fall their way.

Might of the Deepwood

The Latari Elves Army Expansion features several upgrades that let you use the Aymhelin Scions as an upgrade within larger infantry units.

The Support Aymhelin Scion  upgrade uses the Overgrow mechanic found in the Latari Elves Army Expansion.

Fantasy Flight Games_Runewars Forces of Nature Preview 4

After placing terrain during setup, a player may place one overgrown token on different places of terrain equal to the total number of overgrow keywords on their units.

Overgrown tokens do nothing on their own, but other cards may refer to them, like the Support Aymhelin Scion Upgrade. After activation, if the upgraded unit is within a range equal to or less than the number of natural energy runes on the field to a piece of overgrown terrain, it may perform a speed-one shift. This can allow units to gain the edge in mobility. If a massive force of Deepwood Archers is upgraded with the support Aymhelin Scion, the free shift can put them in the perfect position to rain arrows down on their foes. This added mobility allows units to work around terrain and get out of situations that could potentially hinder their movement or block line of sight.

Fantasy Flight Games_Runewars Forces of Nature Preview 5

After ending their activation at range two or less of overgrown terrain, the Deepwood Archers may perform a speed-one shift thanks to the Support Aymhelin Scion upgrade!

While the Support Aymhelin Scion can increase an upgraded unit’s mobility, the Frontline Aymhelin Scion  upgrade works best in the heat of combat.

Fantasy Flight Games_Runewars Forces of Nature Preview 6

Simply exhausting the upgrade card allows an attacking upgraded unit to add a stun token to the defender. Two surge symbols during an attack can ready the upgrade card for use once again, giving the upgraded unit the ability to take away an opponent’s modifiers as well as distribute damage.

Fantasy Flight Games_Runewars Forces of Nature Preview 7

Fury of the Forest

The Aymhelin Scions guarantee that the enemies of the Latari Elves will have to face down the very fury of the forest itself. These lumbering giants’ melee attacks and ability to limit your opponents’ options makes them an intimidating presence on the battlefield.

Feel the spirit of the forest and purchase the Latari Elves Army Expansion (RWM14) from your local retailer in the third quarter of 2017!

Der deutschen Vertrieb der Fantasy Flight Produkte liegt bei Heidelberger.

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