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Runewars: Prince Faolan Hero und die Obscenes Unit Expansion

Mit der Prince Faolan Hero Expansion kommt ein neuer Held für die Latari Elfen und die Horden der Uthuk Y’llan bekommen die Obscenes Unit Expansion in Runewars von Fantasy Flight Games.

Fantasy Flight Games Runewars Prince Faolan Hero Expansion 1

Since their exile to Mennara, the Eolam have faced a difficult decision. Do they turn inward, ignoring the outside world as they work toward redemption, or do they embrace their new world and defend it, striking down evil wherever it appears to prove that they are worthy to ascend to the Empyrean once more?

For some among the Latari’s ranks, this is no choice at all. Their culture must be protected if they are ever to regain their former grace. The son of King Aanir, Prince Faolan, is one such individual. He values the lives of his people above any antiquated alliances. Now, as old threats return and the four great factions go to war, he will do whatever it takes to ensure that his people stay safe, no matter what the cost to Terrinoth may be.

Today, we’re proud to offer you a closer look at the Prince Faolan Hero Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game—now available for pre-order at your local retailer or online through our website!

Fantasy Flight Games Runewars Prince Faolan Hero Expansion 2

Prince Faolan Hero Expansion – 24,95 USD

Call upon a new leader to guide the Latari with the Prince Faolan Hero Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game! After his rash military strategies led to his father’s death, Prince Faolan wandered the forest with his loyal cyrssaerele, Silanel, as his only companion. Now, as the Aymhelin falls under threat, he abandons his self-impossed exile to lead the elves to war once more!

The Prince Faolan Hero Expansion includes two plastic figures, one seige movement tray, one command tool, a collection of tokens, a new terrain piece, and six upgrade cards to further strengthen your Latari army.

Fantasy Flight Games Runewars Prince Faolan Hero Expansion 3

Headstrong Youth

Prince Faolan was already a brilliant strategist and accomplished military leader when the shadows of dragon wings fell across Terrinoth in the Third Darkness. While some Latari withdrew into hiding, the elven prince led his warriors in a valiant defense of the Aymhelin, allowing the army of dragon hybrids to breach the forest’s borders, then picking off their ranks from the safety of the trees. But Faolan’s confidence grew to arrogance and he fell into the trap of the Dragonlord Baalesh, putting the capital city of Lithelin at risk.

Fantasy Flight Games Runewars Prince Faolan Hero Expansion 4

While Faolan eventually broke the siege of the city, the cost was great. The prince’s father perished in the fight, and in the following months Faolan’s guilt consumed him. If not for his rash strategies, he would have a father and his people would have a king. For years, Prince Faolan lived in self-imposed exile, roaming the Aymhelin Forest and slaying any who dared to trespass. But now, he has heard that his uncle has opened the Aymhelin to all of Terrinoth, in defiance of the tradition set forth by his father. Faolan has seen what the peoples of Menarra are capable of and now a dark thought weighs on his mind—would not the Latari be safer under his own leadership than that of his uncle?

Though it has been many years since his greatest victories, Prince Faolan has lost none of his martial mastery. Whether he is leading his allies into battle standing stoic and alone, or fighting shoulder to shoulder with his fellow soldiers, Prince Faolan is able to use his years of combat training among the tangled roots of the Aymhelin to increase the mobility of his allies. When the Prince is acting alone, you may equip him with the  Etharyon of the Ailatar  upgrade.

Fantasy Flight Games Runewars Prince Faolan Hero Expansion 5

This unique upgrade lets Faolan use a skill action to order an ally to reform or shift. While this may not seem particularly impressive compared to the innate maneuverability of the Latari, you have the chance to turn this everyday action into a maddening maneuver by further modifying the shift action with a turn.

If, however, you use Prince Faolan as a figure upgrade in either your infantry or cavalry,

Fantasy Flight Games Runewars Prince Faolan Hero Expansion 6 Fantasy Flight Games Runewars Prince Faolan Hero Expansion 7

he can still increase his allies’ mobility by modifying his unit’s first march with either a turn, wheel, or charge, giving the lithe Leonx or the deadly Darnati Warriors access to wheels or even inviting you to create a rare wheeling charge. By executing these shocking maneuvers, your enemy will fight an uphill battle trying to tie your units down. The battlefield becomes your playground as you run circles around your opponent and always remain one step ahead of the competition.

Princely Valor

The Prince Faolan Hero Expansion gives you everything you need to bring the long-exiled prince into the fold of your elven army, including a miniature of Faolan alone and one of him astride Sorisal, the grand-hatchling of his father’s cyrssaerele mount, who has acted as his only companion for many years of roaming. In addition to the miniatures themselves, you will also find the prince’s unit card and command tool, a new terrain piece, objective, and deployment card, as well as a collection of tokens, and six available upgrade cards to customize and strengthen your elven army.

Fantasy Flight Games Runewars Prince Faolan Hero Expansion 8

Witnessing his father’s demise has ingrained the prince with both a sense of guilt and of duty. As he inspires confidence in his troops, the Valor of the Fallen instills Prince Faolan himself with the Steadfast [Fear] keyword and lets him inspire an ally if he has faith in his own cause.

Fantasy Flight Games Runewars Prince Faolan Hero Expansion 9

But Faolan has more reasons to desire this guiding light than simple bane removal. In battle, whenever a counterattack threatens his warriors, Faolan is there to stand against it, moonblade sword in hand. Whenever the line threatens to break, Faolan inspires his warriors with new vigor. When wielding The Spirit Sword,

Fantasy Flight Games Runewars Prince Faolan Hero Expansion 10

Faolan can spend two surges to receive an inspiration token during a melee, which he can then spend while defending to remove an enemy’s dice icon! This noble’s mastery over motivation rivals even the Daqan Lords, though Faolan himself would scoff at the comparison. But in these times of strife, the only way to earn victory is to learn from your rivals.

Returning Home

The wars of Terrinoth continue to rage without end, and with the threats of the locust horde moving closer to Lithelin each day, it may be that those currently leading the Latari are ineffective and unready for war. This cannot stand. Restore Prince Faolan to the leadership of the Latari hosts and let him lead your people to glory and grace once more!

Pre-order your copy of the Prince Faolan Hero Expansion (RWM34) at your local retailer today or on the Fantasy Flight Games website here!

Fantasy Flight Games Runewars Obscenes Unit Expansion 1

When Llovar first revealed the truth of the Ynfernael to the Loth K’har, he gifted them a small taste of what it meant to be a demon. The power of the dark realm twisted the tribesmen into something more than human—something unnatural. Their skin hardened into a thick hide split with spikes, their muscles toughened with demonic strength, and their eyes glowed red with the glory of the Ynfernael.

The Uthuk Y’llan accepted these gifts, and some grasped for more power with a hunger unlike anything seen before. The Ynfernael fed their desires, but at a terrible cost. These chosen few can tap into incredible power, but only as long as they feed constantly. Now, as Terrinoth goes to war, the ground shakes with the approach of these Obscenes: grotesquely swollen tribesmen wielding massive clubs and the momentum of their dreadful bulk.

Today, we’re pleased to offer you a closer look at these brutes found in the Obscenes Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game—now available for pre-order at your local retailer or online through our website!

Fantasy Flight Games Runewars Obscenes Unit Expansion 2

Obscenes Unit Expansion  – 34,95 USD

Surrender to the power of the Ynfernael with the Obscenes Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game! These twisted, warped warriors shed their frail selves in exchange for the toughened skins split with spikes, gorging on the power of the Ynfernael. When the grotesquely swollen brutes march into battle, the very ground shakes with their approach. Weilding massive clubs along with the momentum of their bulk and hounded by an incredible taste for flesh, they shall feast on the enemies of the Uthuk until nothing living remains!

The Obscenes Unit Expansion includes two new unpainted figurines, two command tools, a collection of tokens, and eight upgrade cards to further customize your demonic army.

This is not a standalone product. It requires a copy of the Runewars Miniatures Game Core Setand the Uthuk Y’llan Army Expansion to play.

Fantasy Flight Games Runewars Obscenes Unit Expansion 3

A Clawing Hunger

After their first binge on the power of the Ynfernael, the Obscenes were filled with an insatiable emptiness. They proceeded to ravage the land, feeding endlessly until their bodies became huge and bloated. It would seem difficult for the Obscenes to charge into battle, but their hunger motivates them to monstrous feats. In Runewars Miniatures Game, the Obscenes are arguably more mobile than their demonic allies, the Spined Threshers, with a command tool that features an additional march icon on their action dial and multiple marches that can cover long distances. With these monstrous tribesmen at your command, you can execute speed-four charges as early as initiative six if the runes fall in your favor.

Fantasy Flight Games Runewars Obscenes Unit Expansion 4

In battle, the Obscenes are a horror, paralyzing soldiers with the tainted, blight-filled spittle that drips from their jaws, then devouring enemies whole or ripping larger opponents apart with oversized bone scythes until they are bite-sized morsels. When they are engaged in a melee, the Obscenes have a variety of options, whether they wish to rally and remove banes, add surges, or simply increase the number of hits they inflict. What’s more, with their white skill modifier, the Obscenes have the ability to strike an enemy at initiative five, and then force them to shift away and disengage. With any luck, you’ll be able to charge first in the next round and capture the Obscenes‘ meal before it has a chance to run away.

Fantasy Flight Games Runewars Obscenes Unit Expansion 5

Obscenes are reviled by their enemies, both for their shocking appetite for the offal of the battlefield and for the ghastly ichor they bleed when wounded. Their Ynfernael Blood allows them to endure what would be poison to others and potentially even turn it to their advantage.

Fantasy Flight Games Runewars Obscenes Unit Expansion 6

When an Obscene bears this upgrade, your opponent cannot spend blight tokens to remove dice from an Obscene’s attack. Rather, they can only spend the blight token to force a reroll of the Obscene’s attack dice. This increased risk can be a punishing obstacle for your opponent, especially if you’re facing off against the forces of Waiqar the Undying, whose Carrion Lancers specialize in inflicting and harnessing blights. Your undead opponent will be forced to reshape their strategy, lest they aid you in your quest to consume every living thing on the battlefield, including their soldiers.

Gluttonous Giants

The Obscenes Unit Expansion provides you with everything you need to add these grotesque creatures to your locust swarm, including two miniatures and siege movement trays, as well as a collection of tokens and eight upgrade cards to further bolster the creatures’ strengths. As each Obscene is powerful enough to stand as its own unit, this expansion includes two unit cards and command tools. Even with the terrible potential that comes with having a one-man siege unit, most Uthuk warlords are cautious of adding these grotesque warriors to their ranks. The hunger that burns within them can never be sated, and Obscenes tend to look at their comrades and even their superiors with starving gazes. As you can imagine, Obscenes are infamous for their Odious Appetite.

Fantasy Flight Games Runewars Obscenes Unit Expansion 7

After another unit at Range 1 suffers a wound, whether it’s an enemy or an ally, the Obscenes can feast on the flesh of the fallen and recover their own wounds.

Fantasy Flight Games Runewars Obscenes Unit Expansion 8

The Flesh Rippers suffer a wound at the hands of the Carrion Lancer, allowing the Obscenes to heal one wound!

Still, when an Obscene does join a troop of screaming Berserkers or Viper Legion archers, this hunger and ever-present danger can be turned into an advantage. A Front Line Obscene is not only able to grant their unit Protected 1 with the sheer mass of their bloated forms, they can also inflict blights on their enemies so long as they have at least one wound or empty slot in their trays.

Fantasy Flight Games Runewars Obscenes Unit Expansion 9

With such power emanating from a single source, it is easy to see why Uthuk commaders are willing to overlook the screams and sounds of ripping flesh that occasionally arise in the middle of the night from the direction of an Obscene’s tent.

Fantasy Flight Games Runewars Obscenes Unit Expansion 10

Feast on Your Foes

With the great armies of Terrinoth marching to war, a banquet has been set before the foulest of the Uthuk Y’llan’s forces. Gorge on the power of darkness and consume the flesh of your enemies with a monstrous hunger that only the Ynfernael can muster!

Pre-order your copy of the Obscenes Unit Expansion (RWM37) at your local retailer today or on the Fantasy Flight Games website here!

Der deutschen Vertrieb der Fantasy Flight Produkte liegt bei Asmodee.

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