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Mad Robot: Pferd und Reiter Vorschau

Mad Robot Miniatures zeigen auf Facebook neue Render, von einem Pferd ohne und mit einem Reiter.

Mad Robot Miniatures Horse Render Preview

OK folks, I am throwing this horse project out to you. I will post WIP shots here as I get to them and I would like constructive criticism and input from you. If this goes smoothly, I will do more of this in the future.

Understand a few things, I can’t do everything everyone wants me to. I have yet to really hear an idea I didn’t like but I’ve heard lots that aren’t realistic. Let’s keep that in mind as you offer feedback and input.

Also, please keep comments limited to the subject when I post about this project. It can be hectic when trying to take in so many opinions so let’s keep them focused on the task at hand.

That being said, let’s go to work. I’ll start with a pic of where the horses are currently.

Mad Robot Miniatures Rider Render Preview

Our equine adventure continues…

Some early progress on the legs and saddle to gauge sizing compared to the horse. Remember, we are dealing with heroically scaled parts here so things will not look „normal“.

Quelle: Mad Robot auf Facebook


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  • Heroisch skaliert oder nicht – irgendwas sieht falsch aus, aber da müsste wer mit mehr Ahnung vom Thema mal was zu sagen.
    Sind es die Beine?

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