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Blackened Keep Busts: Kickstarter läuft

Blackened Keep startet eine Kickstarter Kampagne für Fantasy-Büsten in 75mm.

Blackened Keep Bust KS 05

Über das Projekt:

Meet Thrawn, the battle hardened, slayer of evil, that has seen more war than any other barbarian in his clan.  Or any other known clan, for that matter.  If you were to find yourself surrounded by demons, Thrawn is the one you’d want by your side.

This is the first  bust I’ve had printed, and here it is*:

Blackened Keep Bust KS 04 Blackened Keep Bust KS 07

*I will be going over this, and the other prints, with clay, smoothing out parts, adding details, and basically doing some quality control, before getting them mold/cast.

Blackened Keep Bust KS 01

Blackened Keep Bust KS 08

Resh, the Chaos King. He’s been marching his armies, of unspeakable horrors, across the land, taking everything they touch. If he’s not stopped soon, he will be too powerful to face at all.

Blackened Keep Bust KS 6

This is Raynard.  Much younger than Thrawn, but the only human brave enough to face Resh, and his evil horde of creatures.  He’s seen enough war to make most men give up on humanity, but Raynard doesn’t give up Ever.

Blackened Keep Bust KS 02

The stretch goals!  At $4000 you will get access to a female Necromancer, one of Resh’s Most trusted advisors, and at $5000, an unamable horror, one of Resh’s monstrous army.  While these haven’t been completed yet, you can expect the same level of design quality, and detail, you’ve seen in the original 3.

These will be printed by Entrescan, then molded and cast in resin, by Trollforged.  I’m doing my best, to design some really cool, and varied, busts, that should be a lot of fun to paint, and look great when you’re done with them.

My goal here, is to raise the funds needed, to print, mold, cast, package, and ship these busts to your door. In order to keep shipping costs down, I’m going with Fedex International, as they seem to be the cheapest, without forcing me to get a mailing permit ($450) before even mailing anything out.

Doing this will keep costs down, but I’m not going to know how much shipping will be, until I get all the orders in.  If 50 busts need shipped, they will charge one price, if 75 need shipped, they will charge a completely different price.  This means I have no way of knowing exactly what to charge for shipping.  But I will keep you updated on this, as numbers develop.

Pledge Level:

Your choice – 30,00 USD

1 75mm bust, of Thrawn the Barbarian, Resh, the Chaos King, or Raynard, the Warrior! Does it get any better than this? Maybe…

The Triple Threat – 70,00 USD

All 3, 75mm busts, of Thrawn, Resh, and Raynard! This is the one you want. You know it is.


Derzeit steht der Kickstarter bei 321,00 USD (bei einem ambitionierten Ziel von 3000,00 USD) und hat neun Unterstützer.

Die Kampagne wird am 20. August 2017 enden.

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