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Gates of Antares: Neuheiten

Warlord Games haben weitere Gates of Antares Neuheiten in ihrem Shop.

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The Algoryn Vector formations comprise the prime fighting establishment of the Algoryn Prosperate. They are rightly feared and respected as one of the most potent armed forces in all Antarean space. Armoured Infantry (AI) units form the core of all Vector formations. AI troopers are protected by flexible all-enclosing enviro-armoured suits. They are equipped with a full array of personal sensors and a standard interface with their unit’s combat shard. AI Command Squads carry enhanced sensors and communications equipment that enables them to coordinate the actions of several squads as part of their command shard.

Assault units specialise in aggressive close-quarter combat, and are often to be found at the forefront of the fighting. AI Assault Command units are armed with plasma carbines, enabling them to function as a superior fire-base as well as directing the combat shards under their command. This integrated approach is used to create powerful assault groups with command units at their head. As with other assault troops, command units carry a distort or D-spinner as secondary armament, a weapon that combines a distortion field generator for defence together with a deadly small plasma launcher for attack. Commanders are also armed with X-slings, often with powerful Overload ammo or disabling SlingNet shells that cast a suspensor net over enemies, pinning them to the ground.

This box set contains the following metal models:

  • 1 AI Assault Commander armed with plasma carbine and D-spinner
  • 4 AI Assault Troopers armed with plasma carbines and D-spinners

Preis: 15.00 GBP

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The Freeborn are a race apart, bound neither by the gravity of planets nor the rule of world-spanning machine intelligences. Each Freeborn House – or Vardos as they call themselves – is a proud and independent entity – owing no fixed allegiance but free to deal and trade with all equally. Their fleets ply the gateways of Antarean space, bringing peoples, goods, and knowledge from one end of the nexus to the other.

The forces of the Freeborn are drawn from the people as required, and only a tiny fraction forms any kind of standing army. Aside from the personal troops of the Houses’ ruler, its Vard, there are some who specialise in maintaining and operating the more sophisticated weaponry to be found in every House’s arsenal. Such a weapon is the fearsome plasma bombard: the largest and most powerful mobile plasma weapon available to any troops in Antarean space.

The plasma bombard is an accurate and extremely powerful weapon designed for taking out large targets such as combat drones and vehicles. Its multiple plasma coils are aligned to produce a single pulse of energy over a long range. Its highly concentrated energy bolt is so powerful that the weapon’s coils are set to shut down if it becomes dangerously overheated, a phenomenon known as ‘plasma fade’. Though second to none as a long range single-shot killer of heavily armoured targets, it is vulnerable to close assault, and most effectively employed where it can exploit its range and fire-power against distant targets.

This box set contains the following metal and resin models:

  • 1 Freeborn Plasma Bombard
  • 3 Crew members
  • 1 Freeborn Spotter Drone

Preis: 25.00 GBP

Quelle: Warlord Games


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