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Carnevale: Neuer Kickstarter

TT Combat präsentiert den Carnevale Kickstarter mit neuen Regeln, neuen Miniaturen und neuer 2-Spieler Starterbox.


TTCombat are bringing the Carnevale miniatures game to Kickstarter, with new models, new rules and a two-player Starter Box featuring the Guild and Rashaar battling for supremacy in the darkened streets of Venice.

This Kickstarter is to fund the production of a brand new rulebook and Starter Box of the new version of Carnevale. With our in-house resin production department we are able to produce brand new versions of all the existing Carnevale range, including some characters that have previously never had miniatures and brand new creations. With your help we can turn the game into the best possible experience for new and returning Carnevale players alike.

Die 2-Spieler Starterbox:

TTC Carnevale 02 TTC Carnevale 03 TTC Carnevale 04 TTC Carnevale 05

The two-player Starter Box contains everything you need to start playing Carnevale. With 15 single part miniatures, 8 card buildings, and 9 board tiles you’ll be able to play within minutes of opening the box. The Starter Box contains:

  • 8 Guild characters – Capodecina, Gondoliere, 2 Fishermen, and 4 Citizens of Venice
  • 7 Rashaar characters – Magi-Rashaar, Radru-Rashaar, 2 Ugdru-Rashaar, and 3 Slaves of the Cult of Dagon)
  • Rulebook
  • Campaign guide
  • 12 dice
  • 8 pre-cut cardboard buildings
  • 9 card street tiles
  • Card tokens, templates, and range ruler

With all this in one box, there’s never been a better time to start playing Carnevale!

Das Spiel:

Carnevale is a tactical narrative miniatures game set in 1790’s Venice. Safe from the effects of the Rent in the Sky that tore Italy in half, Venice is now a hot-spot of magical activity. Strange creatures rise from the canals, the ruling class play violent games with lesser men, and the population of Venice try to survive. All vie for power in the street fights that take place in the dark of the night.

Carnevale is a game that focuses on movement and brutal combat. You’re as likely to see two people battling in the streets as you are to see warriors jumping from rooftop to rooftop and drowning their opponents in the canals. Using the tight streets and watery dangers to your advantage will ensure victory, and if it doesn’t, some well-timed magic spells might!

Carnevale is a narrative game that sees gamers play through various scenarios with their gangs of fighters. The games skirmishes allow for in depth storytelling, and we have made an effort to streamline rules in order to let the action take place on the tabletop, rather than spending too much time keeping track in the pages of a rulebook. The tactical flexibility opens up when building your gangs how you want, using many varied members to different effect.

Die Pledge-Level:


TTC Carnevale 09 TTC Carnevale 10 TTC Carnevale 11 TTC Carnevale 12 

Citizen – 35,00 GBP

 If you’re looking to dip your toe into the fetid waters of Carnevale, then the Citizen pledge is for you! The pledge contains a full rulebook, plus a Faction Box of your choice. With these you’ll be able to play the game with friends, fielding a full gang. Also included is the Kickstarter Exclusive Mask Maker, a unique Gifted able to take on different aspects by wearing his enchanted masks.

Gondolier – 60,00 GBP

The Gondolier pledge level includes everything you need to get playing Carnevale, and with our new 2-Player Starter Box, you can do it within minutes of opening your box! This is the perfect pledge level for those wanting to play a few games of Carnevale and entice your friends to do the same.

Noble – 300,00 GBP

Our recommended pledge level is for Nobles only! This pledge includes everything from the Gondolier pledge, but also includes your selection of expansions. Pick two Faction Boxes to either reinforce your Guild and Rashaar or delve into a new faction, and then support them with two out of any of the Kickstarter Bundles (either A or B) to further increase your gang’s numbers! In addition, this pledge includes Venetian Bundles B, C, and D, which will provide you with enough MDF scenery to fill a 3′ x 3′ board for your games, and a whole pack of resin accessories to further enhance your canals! This pledge contains everything you’ll need to play an amazing game of Carnevale on a fully detailed board – what more could you want?

Prince of Thieves – 900,00 GBP

 Oh, you do want more? You want EVERYTHING? Okay then! The Prince of Thieves pledge level literally contains everything we’re making. I mean, look at that picture. We couldn’t even fit all the terrain on there! You’ll get the 2-Player Starter Box, every single Add-on (including every faction T-shirt), every Kickstarter Exclusive item, and even an extra Mask Maker exclusive miniature thrown in for good measure! If you’re Carnevale crazy (like we are), then look no further.


TTC Carnevale 14 TTC Carnevale 15 TTC Carnevale 16

TTC Carnevale 17 TTC Carnevale 18

The Guild:

TTC Carnevale 19

Since the Rent opened The Guild have been working to protect the working people of Venice. Previously the shadowy members of the Thieves Guild, they have opened their doors to keep the citizenry safe. Of course, this protection comes at a price, and those that don’t pay it… well there are lots of disappearances in Venice, who’s going to miss one more person?

The Guild work to overwhelm their enemies with numbers, using multiple citizens to support their specialists, and led to battle by the enigmatic and acrobatic Capodecina. The Guild need to work together to protect themselves, striking in numbers to defeat any foe.

TTC Carnevale 20 TTC Carnevale 21

TTC Carnevale 22 TTC Carnevale 23 TTC Carnevale 24

The Rashaar:

TTC Carnevale 25


It’s a good bet to say that if there is a monster roaming the streets at night, it will be one of the many creatures of the Rashaar. Summoned by a Magi-Rashaar or members of the Cult of Dagon, the Ugdru, Radru, and Agalope all consume and consort with the cult’s members, becoming stronger or transforming cultists into new monstrous hybrids.

The Rashaar are a faction heavily invested in both magic and monsters, with the most mages and the toughest characters in the game, the Rashaar have a multitude of play styles.

TTC Carnevale 26 TTC Carnevale 27 TTC Carnevale 28

TTC Carnevale 29 TTC Carnevale 30 TTC Carnevale 31

The Doctors of the Ospedale:

TTC Carnevale 32


Originally built as a mental institution, the Ospedale dei mente Santa Maria dei Senzatetto now serves a much more sinister purpose. Using the insane to power their magics and technologies, The Doctors quickly burn out the minds of their unfortunate charges, necessitating the need to stalk the streets and bring in the homeless and needy to the dark and bloody dungeons of the Ospedale.

The Doctors make heavy use of special attacks and abilities, channelling the power from their madmen to boost them. With lots of specialists the Doctors are able to tailor their gang to deal with almost any threat, just as long as they keep their madmen alive.

TTC Carnevale 33 TTC Carnevale 34 TTC Carnevale 35

TTC Carnevale 36 TTC Carnevale 37

The Patricians:

TTC Carnevale 38

Wealth, power, arrogance. Few words describe the patricians more, the ruling class of Venice spend their days gambling and attending parties. By night the nobles roam the streets looking for a fight, flanked by other nobles and their attendants. The patricians only care about a good time. If that involves killing unfortunate citizens on the street in the dead of night, so be it.

The Patricians are an expensive faction, but get what they pay for. Each character is individually strong, and more of their characters are able to pick the weapons they are equipped with than any other faction. With more possibilities of ranged weapons you can play to the Patrician’s defensive strengths.

TTC Carnevale 39 TTC Carnevale 40 TTC Carnevale 41

TTC Carnevale 42

The Vatican:

TTC Carnevale 43

Originally the recipient of the Herald’s knowledge, members of the Vatican transcribed many magics before having him assassinated. This would cause a great shift in the church as the assassination caused the great Rent in the Sky to appear over Italy, shattering the very land itself. After the destruction of Rome the Holy See needed a new pope, electing the very same man that had plotted the downfall of the Herald. The Pope now sends a delegation to Venice, to bring the light of God back to the city, as well as look for a copy of the book made from the knowledge of the Herald and the man that stole it.

Synergy is the key to the Vatican, using the right miracles and skills will ensure the dominance of the church. While each individual of the Vatican may not be the strongest, or the fastest, they form part of a whole and need to work together to being the light of God to Venice.


TTC Carnevale 44 TTC Carnevale 45 TTC Carnevale 46

TTC Carnevale 47

The Strigoi:

TTC Carnevale 48

The Rent in the Sky awoke a man that should have been long dead, Vlad Tepes Dracula. Gathering his strength and what Strigoi he could muster, he learned of the Rent and knew that beyond it he could sate his eternal thirst. Slaughtering his way to Venice Dracula regained the aid of the Romani people as well as brought the curse of the Varcolac back into the world. Gaining new allies in Venice the Strigoi are not a force to be trifled with.

The Strigoi rely on their powerful vampires to do the heavy lifting, while the mortal elements of a Strigoi force are there to support their vampire masters. With more unique characters than other factions the Strigoi need to be careful to protect their more expensive characters and get the most use out of them.

TTC Carnevale 49 TTC Carnevale 50 TTC Carnevale 51

The Gifted:

TTC Carnevale 52

The Gifted are a band of loners. They are from all walks of life, united by one thing: the Rent in the Sky. They got given strange powers during the event. Some see these as a blessing, and others see them as a constant reminder of those they’ve lost, and the world left behind. The powers given often have a bittersweet taste, manifesting as forms of their shattered psyches.

The Gifted aren’t a faction in themselves, but can be taken alongside any other gang… for a price. They give powerful abilities to help your warriors or act as one-warrior armies, battering your opponents into oblivion.

TTC Carnevale 53 TTC Carnevale 54 TTC Carnevale 55


TTC Carnevale 56

TTC Carnevale 57 TTC Carnevale 58 TTC Carnevale 59 TTC Carnevale 60


Das Finanzierungsziel für diesen Kickstarter sind 30.000 GBP. Aktuell haben 76 Unterstützer 6433 GBP beigetragen.
Stretchgoals werden im Laufe der Kampagne bekanntgegeben.
Der Kickstarter endet am 04. August 2017.

Link: Carnevale Kickstarter

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  • Eigentlich ganz „cool“, aber warum immer diese abgefahrenen Hintergründe gweählt werden, weiß kein Mensch!!!! Ich zumindest kenn mich mit französischer Geschichte einfach nicht gut genug „aus“, um das Spiel wirklich genießen zu können, und dabei finde ich deren Miniaturen gar nicht so schlecht, auch wenn ich es lieber etwas knubbeliger und zu meiner Sammlung passend gehabt hätte!!!!
    Ich wünsche ihnen trotz dieser Kritik natürlich viel Erfolg. Aber wenn es so was zum Bleistift für den SCHINDERHANNES gebe, da würde ich ungesehen zuschlagen! So wohl eher nicht!!!

  • Carnevale hatte damals enormes Potential, die Kanäle Venedigs waren nur in Sachen Geländebau etwas anspruchsvoll und die Modelle teilweise nicht ganz zeitgemäß. Was man da bisher von den Neuauflagen gesehen hat, ist wirklich super, von daher hoffe ich, dass dieser Neustart gelingt – die Regeln waren definitiv sehr cool.

  • Also die Starterbox hat es in sich. Bei Carnevale geht es mir wie mit Batman, viel und anspruchsvolles Gelände ist nötig um vernünftig zu spielen. Ich bin allerdings kein Resin Fan. Aber nichts destotrotz, die Box ist schon fein, wenn die Qualität der Häuser stimmt..

  • Definitiv ein paar interessante Sachen dabei. Werde mir wohl ein Faction Starter holen. Ich weiss nur noch nicht welchen. Resin ist auch gut. Ich hätte aber gerne noch ein Bild einer fertigen Mini gesehen und am besten ein Vergleichsbild um den Massstab einschätzen zu können. Ich hoffe es klappt mit der Finanzierung.

  • War schon damals nicht mein Setting und das wird sich auch jetzt nicht ändern.

    Wenn da steht Resin, ist das wirklich Resin wie FW es verwendet? Hatte schon viele KS Resinminis in der Hand und die waren dann eher Restic oder Weichplastik. Einen Standart gibts dafür offenbar nicht. Zumindest klingt Resin hochwertiger als Plastik.

  • Ich hab den Gondolier Pledge gemacht und nochmal 90£ zusätzlich in den Topf gesteckt. Für kleine Szenarien reicht das aus und ich bin ja eh ein Fan von narrativem Spiel. Ich find die 2 Player Starterbox echt gut für den Preis. Alles dabei um direkt aus der Box raus losspielen zu können.
    Das Setting ist vielleicht nicht jedermanns Sache, aber Venedig + Cthulhu + Vampire + „Superhelden“… da konnt ich nix falsch machen. ^^

  • Da werden alte Minis wieder reaktiviert. Vor 5 Jahren wäre das gut gewsen. Aber jetzt
    Das klappt nicht.

    • So wie ich das sehe sind das alles neue Sculpts. Die Charaktere gab es teilweise schon, aber die Modelle sind wohl alle neu. Früher waren die handgeknetet und aus Metall, jetzt Render und Resin.

  • Das sieht alles sehr gut und professionell aus. Nun geht es von den vielen Anfütter-Häppchen endlich zum Handfesten – ich drücke die Daumen! Leider ist Resin so gar nicht mein Material… Die Idee mit dem Pappgelände in der Starterbox ist super, auf die Weise kann man schnell das nötige Gelände zusammenbekommen und sich dann langfristig etwas solideres bauen, wenn man möchte.

    • Das ist natürlich ein Kampfpreis, aber die Gebäude sind auch arg detailarm.

      Irgendwie kann ich mich nicht so recht für die Kampagne begeistern. Mag daran liegen, dass die erste Version des Regelbuchs und eine Patrizierbande seit Jahren bei mir rumliegen, ohne je benutzt worden zu sein.
      Potenzial alleine reicht eben nicht.

  • Leider kommt das für mich nicht an die alten Sachen ran ,mag an den Rendern liegen aber das spricht mich nicht mehr an

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