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Wolsung: Zweite Edition

Micro Art Studios haben die zweite Edition von Wolsung vorgestellt.

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Good day ladies and gentlemen!

Today the Wolsung SSG Second Edition Rulebook becomes available. This hardback full-colour book incorporates the existing Erratas and FAQs, as well as brings some Wotanian precision to the actual wording of the rules (Thanks, Carsten!).

The list of changes in the Second Edition of Wolsung include:

  • 3 new Heroes; one for each of the original Clubs,
  • Rules for choosing Heroes and Henchmen now clearly presented,
  • 9-step „Before the game“ checklist,
  • New bidding for the First Player now includes in-built Mulligan for your First Turn hand of cards,
  • Pre-measuring is officially allowed and encouraged,
  • Action and Quick Action are now precisely defined,
  • Mundane Climbing and Jumping is now an official part of the rules,
  • Falling too. You have been warned,
  • New, completely redesigned rules for Templates,
  • Comprehensive Scenario rules, slightly tweaked from the Expansion,
  • New Deployment Zones.

You can download the short version of the Wolsung 2nd edition Rulebook from our website now.
Included are all the rules for playing the game as well as Lyonesse background and Basic and Advanced Scenarios. Not included are the Clubs, Heroes, Henchmen and Character Creation Rules.

Das Buch kostet 26,25 Euro.

Quelle: Micro Art Studio 


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  • Bei uns im Club wird momentan viel Wolsung gespielt. Ist auf jeden Fall sehr interessant vom Setting, allerdings habe ich bisher keinen Fraktion gefunden, der mich vollends überzeugt. o.o“

    • Ja, das kenne ich. Alle haben einige coole Modelle aber auch viel, was mir weniger gefällt – jetzt mal von der Optik ausgehend.

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