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Science Fiction Space Dwarfs: Neuer Kickstarter

Es gibt einen neuen Kickstarter nämlich 28mm Science Fiction Space Dwarfs.


We are expanding our sci-fi 28mm miniature range with new sculpts for our Dweorg (Space Dwarf) miniatures. This will bring 15 new 28mm miniatures, excluding Stretch Goals, to our web store and a whole host of possible extras as and when they are unlocked.

What will you get if you support this Kickstarter? There are various tiers of awards available for our backers. The most basic being our Kickstarter/show exclusive miniature only pledge level where you will receive only the Kickstarter/show exclusive miniature. This option also allows you to upgrade your pledge to include any of the add-ons that may become available when we successfully reach our funding level by just adding the add-on amount to your pledge. By making a pledge to help us achieve this campaign you can opt to have any of the tiered pledge levels available.


At Gydran Miniatures Studio we have over 20 years of experience with small scale sculpting ranging from 1:56 scale (28mm gaming figures) up to life size live action props for film and television. In the last 7 years we have been slowly working on our miniatures for tabletop-games and it’s now that we feel confident with our range to bring it to Kickstarter.

With a talented group of creatives on board to help the process we are bringing to you the combined artistic skills of Megan Tupper, Amanda Blatch and John Bryan. John has been sculpting our miniatures since we started on this journey and it is his Science Fiction Fantasy world that these miniatures come from. Megan has worked on many projects in the gaming industry as a concept artist and illustrator. Amanda works as a concept artist and illustrator predominantly in the gaming industry. With backgrounds in concept design, game design, animation and sculpture Megan, Amanda and John bring the skills required to this project. They all studied Animation at University and it is here that they first met. Now, years later, they have reunited to work together on this project.

We have the designers, and the sculptor… now we just need the money to make the moulds so that we can bring this set to life. This is where you guys come in.


The Kickstarter exclusive miniature will be cast in polyurethane resin and included in every pledge level except for the ‚initiate‘ tier pledge which includes no rewards at all. This model will only be available through our Kickstarter campaigns and shows and not available in our web-store.

Science_Fiction_Space_Dwarfs_Neuer_Kickstarter_02 Science_Fiction_Space_Dwarfs_Neuer_Kickstarter_04 Science_Fiction_Space_Dwarfs_Neuer_Kickstarter_03


The miniatures we are creating are usable in many gaming systems and could also be used in role-playing games for both NPC (non-player character) and PC (player character) representative figures. The miniatures will be sculpted based on the images by Megan Tupper, John Bryan, Amanda Blatch and sculpted by John Bryan.

Science_Fiction_Space_Dwarfs_Neuer_Kickstarter_05 Science_Fiction_Space_Dwarfs_Neuer_Kickstarter_09 Science_Fiction_Space_Dwarfs_Neuer_Kickstarter_08

Science_Fiction_Space_Dwarfs_Neuer_Kickstarter_07 Science_Fiction_Space_Dwarfs_Neuer_Kickstarter_06

We have already started sculpting some of the miniatures from the concepts and we will be posting updates to their progress as the campaign goes on.

The image below shows some of our previous miniatures, and our Kickstarter/show exclusive, compared to other companies miniatures. We sculpt in 1:56 scale which is equivalent to 28mm scale



As a part of this campaign we are also offering up a digital copy of the Art and Story book which is currently being made to accompany our miniatures. These stories are being written by published writer Peter Grehan who has work on such things as Commando, The Sontarans radio dramas, his own Novels and Novellas as well as scripts for screen and stage. The book will contain pages of background information on the miniature characters, artwork from Megan Tupper, Amanda Blatch, John Bryan, and Benjamin Mounsey bringing the pages to life. There will be two stories to introduce you to this fantasy universe too.


As a reward, this PDF is only available at the Commander tier, but is available as an add-on if you want to get a copy added to your pledge level. We may also be making a hard-copy available as a mini stretch goal later on in the campaign.


These 15 miniatures are available in separate sets or as a whole bundle depending on the pledge tier you have selected. Once the initial funding phase is complete we can think about what stretch goals we can deliver to you, our supporters.

At the ‘Initiate’ tier there are no rewards except the fuzzy warm glow that you have contributed to make this campaign a success. At the ‘Novice’ tier you will receive one of our Kickstarter/show exclusive miniatures, Claude. The images below show the rest of the pledge levels and what you will receive when you select each one.



Here are the first couple of stretch goals for the campaign. We have more planned, but we will make more of them visible as we go along.


Once we reach the £4,510 stretch goal we will open up the next few planned stretch goals with images to show what you can expect. As we go along we may also be throwing in some mini stretch goals so keep checking to see what the newest update is.

All the items in this Kickstarter will be available as add-ons that you can increase your pledge to receive. All you need to do is add the amount shown in the list below to your pledge and when we send out the survey questionnaires you can let us know which add-ons you would like. If you have not pledged enough to cover any extra add-ons we will contact you to let you know so that we can rectify the issue. Postage and packaging will be calculated on an individual basis before we ship the rewards out to those of you who have pledged to make sure we are only charging you only what you need to pay for postage and packaging to your location.


 1 – Kickstarter/show exclusive miniature – £6


  • 3 – Dwarf casualty marker / objective marker – £1.50
  • 4 – 3x Brick objective marker  – £1.50
  • 5 – Dwarf casualty marker / objective marker type B – £1.50
  • 6 – 40mm Robot Objective Marker  – £1.50
  • 7 – 32mm Drone Objective Marker  – £1.50
  • 8 – 3x 25mm Drone Objective Marker – £1.50
  • 9 – 50mm Drone Objective Marker – £1.50


  • 26 – Heavy Battle Robot (body only) – £8.50
  • 27 – Heavy Battle Robot with assault weapons – £11
  • 28 – Heavy Battle Robot Destroyer – £11
  • 29 – Heavy Laser Drone – £5
  • 30 – 2x Laser Drones – £3.50
  • 31 – 3x Scout Drone – £3.50
  • 32 – Seige Robot full kit – £18


  • 33 – Mine Guard Trooper Robot/Drone Controller – £5
  • 37 – Mick: pilot – £4
  • 36 – Engineer with wrench V2 – £5
  • 35 – Mine Guard Sergeant A – £5
  • 34 – Sven Troll Hunter alternate – £5
  • 38 – Mine Guard Armoured Bear mount  – £8
  • 39 – Mercenary Captain, Soledad V1 – £5



  • 40 – 5 Dwarf Squad with Pulse Carbines or Laser Rifles – £19.50
  • 41 – Drone and Markers Set  – £6.50
  • 42 – Drones and Drone Controller Set – £11.50
  • 43 – Battle Force – £65
  • 44 – Heavy Battle Robot squad set – £25
  • 45 – Drone Set – £9.50
  • 46 – Drone and Robot Objective Marker Set – £11.50
  • 47 – Core set 1 – £15
  • 48 – Core set 2 – £15
  • 49 – Core set 3 – £15
  • 50 – Core set 4 – £18
  • 51 – Core set 5 – £18


  •  52 – Sci-fi Space Critters Feline spy – £6
Kickstarter core add-ons 
  • 53 – SVEN  – £6
  • 54 – Beia – £6
  • 55 – Atlahua – £12
  • 56 – Brutus – £6
  • 57 – Mercenary Captain Soledad – £6
  • 58 – S.A.L. – £6
  • 59 – Bamboo – £12
  • 60 – Ruben – £6
  • 61 – Ulrik – £6
  • 62 – Sona – £6
  • 63 – Sgt. Mathius – £6
  • 64 – Troll Hunter Heavy Support – £6
  • 65 – Raider 1 – £6
  • 66 – Raider 2 – £6
  • 67 – Raider 3 – £6
  • 68 – PDF book – £6
Kickstarter Stretch goal Add-ons
  • 69 – Exo-suit 1 – LOCKED – £12
  • 70 – Hunting Hound A – LOCKED – £4
  • 71 – Hunting Hound B -LOCKED – £4
  • 72 – Robot Trooper A – LOCKED – £6
  • 73 – Robot Trooper B – LOCKED – £6
  • 74 – Robot Trooper C – LOCKED – £6
More stretch goal add-ons will become available as the campaign progresses.

This campaign is aimed at an international audience and as such we are aware that charging a flat rate to everyone isn’t fair. With this in mind we have decided to charge the postage and packaging after the campaign has been completed and you have received the link to our pledge manager. All our domestic parcels will be shipped via Royal Mail and International parcels will be shipped via Parcel Force or other courier service. By doing this we hope to reduce the amount of cost for all our backers in receiving their rewards.


We are lucky to have a small team working together to make this project come to life. We have briefly mentioned about the Sculptor and Artist, but here’s a bit more about the them and the other two team members.

John Bryan is a model and puppet maker with a background in animation. In the last 7 years he has been making models for the miniature gaming industry. This includes working on his own miniature range at Gydran Miniatures Studio, and freelance work for World of Twilight and Wytchfire Studio. Prior to that he has worked for the BBC, DMA Media and various other companies creating props for film and television.


Der Kickstarter geht noch 20 Tage.

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