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Pulp City: Spotlight on Hellsmith

Pulp City zeigen ein neues Spotlight zu Hellsmith.

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The vanguard of the Forgotten arrival in Pulp City, Hellsmith has been a driving force in their return to power, his creations are the backbone of Stygian’s army. With his mistress now firmly in control, Hellsmith has largely been occupied crafting a frightening new war machine. When called upon to do battle, Hellsmith wields his hammer with supernatural might and deadly effect.

Hellsmith is a Level 2 Brawler with a frightening Trump Strength of 7; this exceptional value threatens even the toughest Tanks in the game. Sprint 5 makes Hellsmith reasonably mobile for a 40mm based model, allowing him to close quickly. His basic Attack is Power Smash dealing Damage 2 as basic Effect (FX), with Damage 1 and Knockback 4 as Extra Effects (EFX). With Power Smash, Hellsmith can use nearby Objects to gain a Smash It Up bonus die. Cleave Earth is a Ray Action with 6 inch range dealing Stun (FX), and potentially Knockback 4 (EFX). This is great for board control, or simply to soften up models before charging in. Finally, Earthquake is Pulse with 3 inch range dealing Damage 2 as FX; it is ideal against swarms of low HP models like Minions or Grimm.

Hellsmith’s Aegis of the Damned makes him Immune/Displacement and also grants him +1 die versus Combat Actions when outside of Base to Base with Enemy Models. This is a powerful defensive ability which combines well with his base size and respectable 4’s in all of his defensive Traits. With his defensive die pool and Spirit Trump Trait, Hellsmith can be an effective choice against models like Trail. With Unholy Rage, Hellsmith gains a Power Up die every time a model is KO’ed by him; also note that this doesn’t specify Enemy models, so feel free to sacrifice your own weakened models if you need those dice!


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