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Pulp City: Der Schild von Kyiv

Es gibt auf Etsy einen neuen Helden für Pulp City.

KG The Shield Of Kyiv Citizen Hero 1 KG The Shield Of Kyiv Citizen Hero 2 KG The Shield Of Kyiv Citizen Hero 3

The Shield of Kyiv: Citizen Hero – 11,61 €

We have a restock of The Shield of Kyiv: Citizen Hero. We created this mini following Steven Butler’s design and with his blessing, in order to raise disaster relief funds for Ukraine.

You can support this cause by buying the mini here: LINK

For every mini sold at £8, Kitbash Games is giving £8 plus Gift Aid to Ukraine disaster relief. All sales fees and manufacturing costs are covered by Kitbash Games.

As well as helping with a worthy cause, this finely cast resin model comes with profile cards for Pulp City and Super Mission Force.

So far our generous customers and our partners Steven Butler, Carl Stoelzel, Fish Lee and Tommy Florimonte have helped raise £320 GBP plus £80 GBP in added Gift Aid; so net benefit of £400 in total for disaster relief for Ukraine – thank you to everyone who is helping this cause.

Quelle: Kitbash Games


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