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Pulp City: Spotlight on Cro Mag

Pulp City hat ein neues Spotlight über Cro Mag.


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Numerous observers have speculated on the origins of the monster known as Cro Mag. At first many assumed he was another of Mysterious Man’s creations set lose from Kodo Island. Further encounters with the creature seemed to indicate a deep mystical connection. Current speculation by Blood Watch is that Cro Mag is a living avatar of a primitive hunter god. Cro Mag’s power appears to emanate from his headdress, though all attempts to remove it have failed so far. V.H. believes that Cro Mag has been turned loose to wreak havoc on Pulp City at the behest of Stygian.

Cro Mag is a Level 3 Powerhouse with exceptional destructive potential. With Bounding movement, a 50mm base size giving good basic die-pooling, and Trump Strength 8, he packs a lot of damage potential – Powerhouses hit hard and Cro Mag is one of the hardest hitting. His Rummmph! Headbutt has Damage 3 and Grab & Throw as basic Effects (FX), although it does also Damage Cro Mag in the process. Oooogh! Power Throw does a base Damage 2 with Blast 2. Both Actions also have Damage 1 and Knockback 4 included as Extra Effects (EFX) allowing Cro Mag to control the board. His magnum opus is Rarrgh! an Overrun with a 5 inch range. It costs 4 AP and 2 Fatigue, but with a Damage 2 as an FX and EFX the potential damage output is staggering.

Cro Mag’s Enchanted Headdress makes him Immune to Mind Control making him a great choice to bring against the likes of Trail or Lady in Red. Great Hunter grants him extra dice any time he benefits from Size Matters. This is powerful for defensive rolls as well as making him that much more dangerous. Finally if you have a Friendly Leader Boss-Man allows Cro Mag to chain activate after the Friendly Leader completes its activation. This ability is not limited to once per round making it incredibly powerful.


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