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Pulp City: Cold War Kickstarter Updates Nr.55

Pulp City Cold War Kickstarter Update Nr.55 ist erschienen, in dem es diesmal um Baroque geht.


The chosen of the orphaned Lazarev twins, Ivan was promised to a mystical society of Russian Aristocracy. Ivan’s heritage unlocked great occult power within him on his 18th birthday. His soul was almost sundered as a demonic entity briefly possessed him before being cast out. Ivan then used his new-found mystical might to free himself from the dark cabal who had had given him luxury and nurtured his power in exchange for entrapment within their plans. Soon reunited with his sister, Baroque now walks the line of morality, his ultimate loyalty to Bulletta alone.

Baroque’s Actions offer a mix of ranged Attack, Defense and Object control. His ranged Attack, Eldritch Bolt, inflicts a basic Damage 1 and Weakens the Target against Mystery – such as another Attack from Baroque in the same Round! In addition, among its EFX Damage 2 in exchange for Baroque suffering Damage 1. Hex Shield of Hekate offers Baroque and Friendly Bulletta Immunity to Effects other than Damage for a Round. Reality Control allows Baroque to Damage and potentially remove Objects from a 6 inch Pulse area, or even add Objects into that area; for 2 AP he changes the distribution of Objects in a 13 inch diameter zone of the board. This may not sound too great at first, but he can place Objects to provide Cover or potentially block LOS, or act as ammunition for Throw Actions and the Smash It Up Combat Bonus – in essence he changes the layout of part of the battlefield, and with an impressive AP Limit of 5 he can do it twice in a Round.

Baroque has total synergy with Bulletta thanks to their Powers and his Hex Shield of Hekate Action. Both models can chain Activate with one another, and can use the other’s Actions – in essence they are two parts of a greater whole, which makes them very powerful when taken together. In addition, as a Level 2 Support Supreme, Baroque provides better durability than a typical Level 1 of the same Role. This allows him to engage more directly than Level 1 counterparts simply due to having the buffer of more HP to resist Attacks, meaning he can maximize the use of his or Bulletta’s Actions.


Baroque naturally works well in either Supreme Alliance or Red Republik Teams. However, with his Eldritch Bolt, he also provides an excellent option to include alongside any Mystery Supremes, since they can exploit the Weakness he can add to victims. Finally, an unusual option may be to include him alongside Stone Hawk, with the two models working together to disrupt Enemy LOS and movement through Reality Control and Stoneshapes.

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