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Dropfleet Commander: Auslieferung naht

Die letzten Komponenten für Dropfleet Commander sind aus der Druckerei eingetroffen.

Damit kann die Auslieferung bald beginnen:

Dear Fantastically patient backers!

We are able to confirm that we have just received our delivery of printed material. This means that we have begun to pack specific rewards, and will begin to dispatch very soon. In terms of timeframes, we will now do everything we can to get these out as quickly as possible, and can only thank you for your support and faith in us to get us to this point.


We are really happy with the quality of everything we will be sending out to the backers of this Kickstarter, whether that is the Dropfleet Commander Core Rulebook, and of course the rules themselves, through to the Tape Measure in the 2 Player Starter Set.


The dispatch process should take an estimated 3 weeks due to the quantity of shipments and collections, though we have organised extra vehicles in advance to ensure we get shipments out as quickly as possible, and with as high a quantity as possible. During this period we will endeavour to get back to you quickly about questions you might have, though we have planned to utilise some of our brilliant office team for extra shifts at our warehouse and dispatch centre.


We will be showing a full break down of every item that was a reward over the coming weeks, so that you know what will be coming your way, and we will be sharing more about key Dropfleet Commander events that we have planned for the retail launch and during the rest of this year!


Thank you to all of those who turned up to our Autumn Invasion 2016 two day tournament. It was a great success, and we really appreciated all those who visited us for the open weekend too. The attendance was the highest ever for a Dropzone Commander Tournament, and the representation for the tournament included the USA, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, and of course, the UK! Dates for Invasion 2017 will be out soon, along with a date for our first (Invasion sized) Dropfleet Tournament in 2017 too!

Thank you to all of you who have supported us to get to this place. Not long now… back to packing!

Kind regards

The Hawk Wargames Team.


Dropfleet Commander wird in Deutschland über den Verlag Martin Ellermeier vertrieben

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