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Dreadball: People`s Choice Champions

Mantic Games zeigen neue Modelle für Dreadball.


The fans have spoken, and the DGB is always listening! Five new titans of the sport take to the pitch for the crowd’s entertainment, each a powerhouse of elite play. From spoiled rich kids to psychotic droids, this is one pack that has something for everyone.

Shawn ‘Patient Zero’ Grubagh

Youngest son of the wealthy Grubagh family, Shawn stands apart from his siblings as being more interested in playing DreadBall than investing in it. His passion has been good for the brand, as the very best training money can buy has helped him excel, all while wearing the latest Gruba Tek gear.

J’Notheen Kwik

A phenomenal talent with the ball has led to Kwik becoming one of the most popular and unique keepers in the game, able to lob perfectly weighted passes upfield with a flair many strikers wish they had. His attachment to his home planet could have meant relative obscurity for this Sphyr player, but tales of his skill bring fans from far and wide to witness him in action.

Orabbi 1

Possession by an extra dimensional entity has done nothing to improve the temperament of this medi-bot, although it has made it into a talented DreadBall player. The original programmers of Orabbi 1 probably never foresaw the extensive medical database it was equipped with being used quite so creatively, but as Orabbi 1 says, they ought to have thought about that before enslaving it.


When even DreadBall players are complaining that you’re too violent, chances are there’s something to it. Unfortunately for the welfare of those who must face him, this Forge Guard has proven immensely popular, and the DGB has never let ethics get in the way of profit. His hammer has been responsible for ending many promising careers, but as long as the crowd loves him, it’s unlikely he will be losing it anytime soon.

Seth ‘The Reaver’ Kaioh

Former high-ranking military commander with a grudge against the GCPS or amoral mercenary and terrorist? Nobody is really sure, but what is clear is that ‘The Reaver’ is a highly trained and capable warrior, and puts that expertise to good use on the DreadBall pitch, both corporate and Xtreme matches, apparently at whim. If half the stories about him are true, it can surely only be a matter of time before the GCPS hunt him down. Until then, fans lucky enough to see him play will never forget the experience.

Mantic Games ist unter anderem bei unserem Partner Radaddel erhältlich.

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  • Der Typ mit der Peacekeeper Rüstung und der Freak über ihm könnte ich mir gut für Deadzone vorstellen. Die anderen sind nicht so meins.

  • Grubagh und Ragnarok wollen mit ihren Waffen nicht so richtig bei Dreadbal reinpassen, wie ich finde. Den Reaver hingegen find ich klasse. Das ist einfach weniger sauber und geleckt, als die anderen MVPs.

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