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Warzone: Nepharite of Algeroth

Prodos zeigen ein weiteres Unit Spotlight für Warzone.

Warzone Dark Legion Nepharite of Algeroth 1

In the Lore:

Nepharites are the most powerful creatures serving within the ranks of the Dark Legion. They are the evil lieutenants that drive the armies of darkness at the behest of the Dark Apostles. Nepharites exact tyrannical control over their minions and the slightest failure is rewarded with a fate more unimaginable than death. They always radiate calm and lead their army with cold efficiency and command their forces with mighty battle cries. They vary in rank and power with the most powerful being designated Overlords, who answer only and directly to their Apostle. Nepharites are fearsome towering behemoths capable of unimaginable vigour and evil. All Nepharites hunger for power and seek the favour of their Apostle.

Nepharites of Algeroth are the most brutal of all Nepharites; the homicidal embodiment of war itself. Each is enormous with a mighty musculature and commanding physical appearance. They are devoted to the art of war, always leading their forces from the front. They gladly participate in the wanton destruction being carried out and stalk the battlefield searching for new victims. All, except the highest echelons, march to war carrying the vicious pole arm known as the Azogar; its wide chain-bladed head tears all but the mightiest of opponents to bloody shreds in seconds. They march to battle, clad in a shining dark armour, adorned with vile heraldry and repulsive patterns. Many also carry the mighty Fist of Malice machine gun, a weapon which is as much a mark of position as it is a death dealing propeller of Dark Symmetry. The Nepharites take great malicious gratification watching the foes of Algeroth become nothing but a bloody mist when hit with their Fist. Some prefer to deal a less than fatal blow with their ranged weapon, so they can take sadistic pleasure watching and hearing their victim writhe and scream in pain and terror as they walk slowly towards them. They smile as their dead eyes pierce their victims soul and the Azogar shreds their sternum.

Warzone Dark Legion Nepharite of Algeroth 2

On the Tabletop:

The Nepharite of Algeroth is a beast in melee, wielding the vicious Azogar polearm. He is also armed with the Fist of Malice HMG which gives him some punch at mid ranged firefights. The Forceful Blow passive skill gives the Fist of Malice Critical Force and Damage 2 for all its hits. If your enemies are close and bunched up Turn to Burn a Resource card and use the Unholy Flachette shotgun template.
He is a great buff hero as well with the Active: By My Will special skill allowing all Undead Legionnaires within 8 inches of him to run which is something Legionnaires cannot usually do.

The Active: Algeroth’s Warcry special skill can potentially stun all enemy models within 3 inches, which can be brutal in melee.

He may also take 2 Dark Symmetry powers for the cost associated with the chosen powers.

Warzone Dark Legion Nepharite of Algeroth 3

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  • Gelungene Miniatur eines SciFi Dämonen. Gefällt mir. Ach, gibt so viele Systeme, die ich dieses Jahr eigentlich mal antesten wollte – Warzone, Godslayer, endlich auch mal Infinity…

  • Ja der Nepharite hatte es mir auf der Spiel schon angetan. Ist wirklich gut geworden. Aber ich habe beschlossen mich erstmal den „guten“ Franktionen zu widmen, bevor ich mich dem Chaos hingebe 😉 .

  • Ob er die Rüstung noch ausziehen kann? Oder geht er einfach mit einen Schulterpanzer duschen? Oder ist das ein wegwerf Schulterpanzer und er hat im Schrank noch ganz viele davon? Oder ist er in der Schlacht Wütend geworden und die Stacheln sind raus gekommen und nun denkt er sich verdammt schon wieder ein Schulterpanzer durchlöchert?

    Davon mal abgesehen gefällt mir das Modell. Prodos hat sich sehr nahe an das Bild gehalten und ist wirklich fanatisch geworden.

    Weis einer von euch wie das bei Prodos mit AvP ausschaut?

    • Momentan stellen sie Hilfskräfte ein und kaufen Verpackungsmaterial, haben aus Freiwilligen über Facebook ein Team fürs Gegenlesen der Texte aufgestellt und allgemein ist alles im „Plan“.

      Hier mal das letzte Update an die Backer per Mail vom 02.01.

      „However, you’re all here for AvP, so we wanted to update you with where we are.

      Our final stage for approval is pending with a master document of all the materials that will come in the main boxed set combined. The printed book did not meet the requirements, so we are currently reworking the fiction and background in order to meet the requirements that have been stated.

      With that in mind, we are starting to order in the large packing boxes, rolls of packing tape and part-time staff to get your orders packed up and shipped out. It is very soon indeed and, though we cannot express an exact date, we hope that you realise just how soon this should be.

      Once again, many thanks for your patience.
      Prodos Games LTD“

      Und der Post von Facebook von Jarek am 05.01.

      „Looking for proofreaders for the final rules for the AvP : The Hunt Begins, Board Game, yes, this only means that the rules going to print SOON!!!! : Requirements: Good English and „gaming Imagination“ IMPORTANT : you must be able to sign NDA and you will have to follow it, strictly. It will be closed FB group of max 10 peoples. In return we will: 1. Publish your name in the board game rulebook as a official Proofreader. 2. We will also provide some gifts once the game is out. If you are interested please drop a comment in this post, thanks!“

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