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Kingdom Death: Bilder und Verspätung

Kingdom Death haben ein großes Update zu Monster gepostet.

Zum einen gibt es Verzögerungen bei der Auslieferung des Kickstarters:

I am delaying fulfillment.

All the plastic kits must meet this project’s high requirements and my personal scrutiny. Currently, the armor kits do not. They have proved to be more challenging than myself or the technicians at the factory expected.

To resolve this moving forward, I have had several long meetings over the course of this week with the factory boss. He is putting his other responsibilities aside to work with me directly, everyday, 1 armor kit at a time until they meet my approval. I realize I am the gatekeeper in this process and I apologize, but I can’t produce something that does not meet my and your expectations.

So far, our project has produced some of the best hard plastic kits I have ever seen. It is, in all sincerity, a little mind-blowing that they are kits I directed and produced with your help.

The fan feedback and positive reviews we’ve received about the Pinups of Death hard plastic kit really crystalized the feeling that this uncomprimising approach is creating incredible results. Even the guys at Beasts of War were blown away by the plastic Phoenix:


Thankfully, production on all hard plastic kits I have approved has already been finished! There are 15,000 finished Phoenixes waiting for us! (among many other kits!) But… as all of you know, unless everything is 100% done, the project is not done. The reality of this project’s scale means we cannot afford to ship plastic rewards in multiple waves and thus we must wait for every last arm, head, and skullcap hammer. Sadly, this is a bottom-line reality.

This is our project and its my job to make sure it’s done right. If everything does not meet my requirements and the expectations I’ve given you, I will feel I have failed to deliver the very heart and soul of my efforts.

Blame Me
There are no excuses, this is entirely on my own shoulders. The commitment I made by running this campaign (producing 11 times the original scope of the content or not) is the real deal. I am putting every ounce of professional and personal effort, along with every penny of the money raised, into it.

I am always available, front and center, to answer any of your questions and address your concerns. You are my prized backers, the people directly responsible for making any of this possible. If there is something I can do for one of you, I will make an effort to do it.

You can message me thru kickstarter, or send me an email at adam.poots AT kingdomdeath.com. Yes, sometimes my inbox is flooded, but I do respond to everything, eventually. If you have sent me a message in the past without a response, a gentle reminder would be appreciated. I imagine this will result in many messages, so please be patient as I sort thru them. Thank you in advance.

If you have pledge manager questions, email anna at kingdomdeath.com.

So we are still „technically“ beginning fulfillment in Q2 2014 as I estimated. The Kings of Death will have their Chest of Death collection and the resin beta sent in june.

The resin beta level will also ship out in june.

Estimated Fulfillment Update
I will return at the end of June with a more specific time frame. I respect everyone here too much to pull any „smoke and mirror“ tricks, I just want to provide facts. And so I have decided to wait and provide exactly that.

The printing process for the projects many components has already started. The core game and its tutorial received an additional 3 weeks of blind play-testing before we handed it off to an editor and I am feeling very confident in it. (The edited version just came back yesterday!) There are still some good questions that play testers (yes we are STILL doing that) have raised and I think between them and the resin beta backers we will generate a solid FAQ in support of the game that will be available online.

Und dann gibt es neue Bilder der Modelle:

The King 1 The King 2 The King 3 The King 4

The King

Standing at 120mm tall, the plastic King makes me so proud! I was very worried he would have to be cut into a bazillion parts to preserve his detail and layers of mystery. I was however and very thankfully wrong. Of all the large monsters, the kit is the fewest parts! (oh and we totally bumped up the size from the original resin. )

Flower Knight 1 Flower Knight 2 Flower Knight 3

Flower Knight 4 Flower Knight 5

Flower Knight 

Here is the flower Knight in all his plastic glory. Again I decided to bump up his size a little bit. It really seems to help with all of the micro details that resin can render so well. I guess… its kind of a little bit like cheating! But its a lot nicer then the 3% shrinkage you’ll normally see with PVC plastic.

The Flower Knight Sprue has a few surprises that we didn’t initially plan on. Benefits of  the delay. We added some extra weapons and a new instrument, A Chello! Which has been delighting everyone around the office.

Gorm 1 Gorm 2 Gorm 3 Gorm 4


The plastic Gorm is awesome. I was really nervous we would lose all of the skin texture on his body and have to sort of „smooth“ it out. The factory really shone thru and he came out great! Up close, it really feels more like something made form clay.

Slenderman 1 Slenderman 2 Slenderman 3 Slenderman 4


I know this is going to tank the sales of the resin slender man units we still have but uh… I think the plastic one actually turned out better?! The sculptor, Jacques-Alexandre Gillois has such incredible talent and is able to craft miniature with such light and delicate features. Slender Man was scanned, and  optimized digitally where we pulled all of the details out a little bit and bumped up his size. Actually he was optimized twice! First time was by myself and Hector Moran and the second time by the factory. The result well… its not frail like the resin and the bumped up details  actually make it feel much more crisp. So… yeah I like this one more!

The Lonley Tree 1 The Lonley Tree 2

The Lonley Tree 3 The Lonley Tree 4 The Lonley Tree 5 The Lonley Tree 6

The Lonley Tree 

Putting together this tree, is intense! A total of 4 sprues make up it’s massive body. Everyone here likes the plastic tree so much, we’ve decided to extend the lonely tree expansion to include a small ai & hit location deck, so you can fight a rare breed of it! In addition the phoenix actually does rest on top of the tree, so when it lands on it during gameplay you can put him up there. This is more coincdence then design tho, so do it at your own risk!

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  • Ich schreibe nur: Im letzten Tabletopinsider gab es einen genialen Bericht über Kickstarter im Tabletopbereich – die Aufschlüsselungen von Risiken/Nachteilen und Vorteilen trifft hier auch einmal wieder mehr zu.

  • Zu KS habe ich ja in letzter Zeit auch stark meine Kritiken hageln lassen. Man merkt auf einmal, das viele Ihre Ziele nicht schaffen. Woran es auch liegen mag aber ich denke in erster Linie daran, das sich viele, nachdem se die Kohle bekommen haben anstatt richtig loszulegen erst langsam an die Sache machen. Egal.

    Zu den Modellen….

    Einfach pervers fantastisch. Ich würde Ihn zum Nachfolger von H. R. Giger ernennen…. Wenn ich könnte…. 😉
    Trotzdem einfach nur genial die Modelle.

    • Hm… Da hast Du schon recht. Aber grade diese KS zeigt, was durch dieses System erst möglich wird – und wie man trotz Verspätung die Backer glücklich macht: Qualität und Transparenz. Ich warte auch noch ein paar Monate länger, wenn das Ergebnis so wird, wie es jetzt ausschaut.
      Auch preislich hat sich für die Backer gelohnt, wenn man die empfohlenen Verkaufspreise sieht.
      Also alles in allem ist das hier ein Vorzeige-KS 🙂

  • Ich finde in euren News sollte nicht außer Acht gelassen werden, von wann welche News- Retweets u. Ä. kommen. Dieses Update kommt nämlich schon vom 10. Mai. Das bißchen Professionalisierung / Wiedergeben von Quellenangaben würde euch sicherlich nicht schaden.

  • Also wenn diese Plastikmodelle so in den regulären Verkauf kommen, werde ich wohl auch schwach werden. Gerade der Flower Knight oder Slender Man sind genial.

  • Übelst gute Modelle.

    Ich bereue es trotzdem nicht, beim KS wieder ausgestiegen zu sein… ich besorge es mir dann lieber im Laden, wenn es erhältlich ist, dann muss ich nicht ewig auf etwas warten.

  • Spricht mich zum Glück überhaupt nicht an. Liegt vielleicht auch daran, das ich auch mit Tim Burton nichts anfangen kann.

    • Nö, daran liegt es nicht.
      Ich kann mit Tim Burton was anfangen, mit dem Zeug hier hingegen nicht. Ich sehe da auch keinerlei Verbindung.

  • Naja zumindest der Slenderman sieht schon sehr nach Nightmare before christmas aus.

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