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All Quiet on the Martian Front: Tripods

Die dreibeinigen Monster kommen!

Martian Front Martian Drones 1 Martian Front Martian Drones 2 Martian Front Martian Drones 3 Martian Front Martian Drones 4

Martian Front Martian Drones 5 Martian Front Martian Drones 6

  • Before the Martians starting using human cadaver slaves as foot troops to root humans out of deep cover, they made extensive use of Drones. Now Martian Slave Driver Tripods have both types of troops at their disposal.

  • Martian Scout Tripods are a bit faster and more nimble than the common Assault Tripod, but their Heat rays and armor are less. They are used to spring ambushes and find pockets of main human opposition. Often the forces they uncover are attacked by Martian Bombardiers, either with H.E., Black Dust, or Green Mist. After the humans are suppressed, the Assault Tripods move in.

  • The Martians may be mental giants, but they are biologically simple creatures with no real digestive system. They gain nourishment directly from the blood of a semi-intelligent herbivorous biped on Mars, but those creatures have not been adapting well to earth’s gravity and different atmospheric conditions. The Martians have turned to finding substitute creatures – humans. Harvester tripods hunt out and find humans and then process them into the nutrient fluids the Martians need to sustain life.

Components: Resin, metal, and plastic miniatures. The first plastic Tripod kit is already well on its way!

Quelle: Alien Dungeon


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