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Dystopian Legions: Neues für Blazing Sun

Auch die Japaner dürfen sich über zahlreiche Neuankündigungen freuen.

Legions Blazing Sun Lieutenant Artwork Legions Blazing Sun Lieutenant Legions Blazing Sun Lieutenant in action

Blazing Sun Officer

The junior officers of the Blazing Sun are well-versed in the combined arms military doctrine of the Empire’s Three Armies. They are well-trained with a combination of traditional battle techniques combined with the latest in military thinking from armies around the world. This has proven to be a particularly deadly combination.

The Empire’s military academies in Edo, Osaka and Niigata turn out classes of officer-graduates trained in these combined philosophies. These new officers then receive additional training from the ‘finishing schools’ of the Sword or Shield Armies, if they are assigned to a Division in one of these institutions. During this additional period, officers of the Sword Army Divisions frequently receive more specialised tuition in offensive storming tactics. Conversely, Shield Army officers are often given extra training in defensive warfare techniques, such as creating trench-lines and effectively garrisoning fortifications.

Blazing Sun infantry battle plans typically rely on keeping the opposition off-guard with feints and deceptive thrusts. These are aimed at attempting to manipulate the enemy’s actions as much as to marshal the Blazing Sun commander’s own forces. Only when the enemy has been left totally unbalanced does the killing blow fall, the officers leading their troops to strike hard and fast with devastating force at the point of decision.

Legions Ashigaru Infantry Artwork Legions Ashigaru Infantry 2 Legions Ashigaru Infantry Legions Ashigaru Infantry in action


Many years ago, the term ‘Ashigaru’ or ‘Spear Carrier’, denoted a rather humble soldier in the armies of Japan. Not so in the Sturginium Age. The modern Ashigaru infantryman is a tough, highly trained and supremely motivated fighting trooper.

As with their large war engines, the infantry and light armoured forces of the Empire of the Blazing Sun represent a unique combination of an ancient martial traditional paired with some of the most cutting-edge weaponry in service anywhere in the world. Although not wholly eschewing conventional rifles, most Ashigaru are armed with the Kawachi-Kanpon Type 4 automatic shotgun. Nicknamed the ‘Dragon’s Breath’, this fearsome drum-fed weapon fires a hail of shells filled with incendiary materials developed by the Imperial Alchemical Institute. The ‘Dragon’s Breath’ is very short-ranged compared to conventional rifles. However, within that distance, it is one of the hardest-hitting infantry small arms currently in service anywhere in the world.

The limited range is not normally an issue in the circumstances under which the Ashigaru are most often employed – namely, supporting more heavy armoured units in close terrain or urban areas. The Type 4’s burst fire and destructive projectiles make it very forgiving of being fired from the hip when the soldier is moving. This means it is perfect for the kind of hard-hitting assaults favoured by Blazing Sun military doctrine.

Empire of the Blazing Sun Ryuma Steambike

Steambike Samurai

The Imperial Alchemical Institute is well known for its bizarre creations, made all the more unbelievable by their exceptional and reliable performance, even in the heat of battle.

Of all of these, amongst the most astonishing are the Ryuma Steambikes; mechanical steeds which can skim a few feet above the ground on steam jet enhanced repulsine gyros, and propel themselves at astonishing speeds. Although some have questioned the efficiency of these ‘hover’ machines, the ability to traverse almost any ground, no matter how treacherous, is proving invaluable in battle.

Once perfected, these unique engines were quickly adopted by the armies of the Empire of the Blazing Suns, as their advantages over more conventional cycles or traditional horse cavalry were evident. Samurai, already adept at mounted combat, quickly began adapting their tactics and techniques to take full advantage of the machine’s potential.

Legions Master Kozo Okinawa Artwork Legions Master Kozo Okinawa

Master Kozo Okinawa

As fighting men steeped in the traditions of bushido, many Samurai even in the Sturginium Age disdain most conventional modern firearms, preferring instead to take to the field armed with more traditional implements – the katana and wakazashi blades that are their most potent status symbol are also their most common war implements.

Master Kozo Okinawa exemplifies this tradition. The son of an ancient family whose antecedents go back centuries to the dawn of the old Shogunate, Kozo was raised practically from birth to eventually assume the mantle of high military office.

Though he came from considerable wealth, his upbringing was harsh, with virtually every waking moment dedicated to the study of swordplay, military philosophy from inside and outside the empire, and the core tenets of bushido by which he would live.

Legions Shinobi Assassin Artwork  Legions Shinobi Assassins

Shinobi infiltrators

Wherever the armies of the Blazing Sun march, they are accompanied by teams of deadly Shinobi infiltrators. The guardians of an ancient tradition of stealth, spying and assassination, the Shinobi Houses of today are the personal servants of the Her Serene Majesty the Empress Shinzua, and their loyalty to the throne is absolute.

The Shinobi Houses serve as the Empress’ silent enforcers and secret service, both within the Empire of the Blazing Sun and beyond its borders. That they hold enormous influence is undoubted – one of the seats on the Empress’ Council of Seven is reserved for the de facto representative of the Shinobi Houses, known as the ‘Faceless Lord’.

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  • Bis auf das Steambike sind die Sachen ja bereits im Starterset enthalten und insofern nicht wirklich neu.
    Das blau-lilane Farbschema ist ziemlich grausig, finde ich. Meine werden vermutlich im schmucken senfgelb bemalt.

  • Die gefallen mir gut, bis auf das schreckliche Farbschema. Ich müsste da mal sehen was ich da nehme.

  • Die Japaner von Dystopian Legions finde ich vom Stil her auch sehr gelungen. Vor allem die Schrotflinten mit dem Trommelmagazin und stilisiertem Drachenkopf haben es mir angetan. Auch das Samurai-Steambike hat was. Ich finde es mal toll, dass hier die Abgase eines solchen Gefährts auch dargestellt werden. Das ist mal was anderes als immer nur ein Plastik-Basestil.

    DIe Japaner wären neben den Preußen auch eigentlich meine Zweitfraktion geworden. Aber da sie im Hintergrund mit den Preußen verbündet sind, habe ich mich denn doch für die Briten entschieden.

  • Yep,Farbe ist nicht so der Brüller,finde das Bike auch Cool,wenn Ich 40K Spieler wäre,würde das meine Imp Armee werden.Im großen und ganzen schauen alle Modelle,egal welcher Fraktion sie angehören,gut aus,bis auf ein paar Kleinigkeiten meinem Geschmack nach. Sind auch eine gute Mini Alternative für EotD.

  • Ich vermute mal die grausame Farbkombo kommt von den quitschbunten japanischen Stoffen die damals (und teilweise heute noch) gern verwendet werden. Is also legitim. Mein Farbschema ist es aber auch nicht…

  • Ein Steambike mit viel Steam in einem Steampunkuniversum, coole Idee. So wirklich gefallen wollen mir die Japaner aber irgendwie nicht.
    Besonders die Schrotflinten sind nicht mein Ding. Na mal schauen, wie die aussehen und sich anfassen. Hol ich mir halt ne andere Fraktion.

  • Das Steampunkbike find ich irre, das würde ich mir sogar als Einzelminiatur auf passendem Diorama holen.

  • Ich bin echt mittlerweile sehr positiv erstaunt von der Qualität der Püppchen. Extrem gut modelliert… ich weiß nicht, wie lange ich da widerstehen kann…

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