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Dystopian Legions: Neues für Britannia

Die Briten erhalten Verstärkung und können sich bei Dystopian Legions auf zehlreiche Neuheiten freuen.

Legions Colonel Samuel H. MacDonald Legions Colonel Samuel H. MacDonald 2 Legions Colonel Samuel H. MacDonald 3

Colonel Samuel H. MacDonald

Colonel Samuel Horwood MacDonald is one of the Kingdom of Britannia’s most celebrated soldiers. A descendent of Anglo-Scottish gentry, his first stint on a battlefield was as a 13-year old drummer boy at First Waterloo itself, but his first military service for the Kingdom was as a young subaltern in the last of the Britannian-Burmese wars in 1826. Even at this early stage, he already displayed the attitudes that would become his hallmark – leading from the front, bellowing encouragement to the men under his command and apparently heedless of danger.

In his lengthy career, he served all over Britannia’s vast empire, serving as a captain in the crown’s forces during the Australian mutiny of 1842 and French-sponsored Portuguese rebel mercenaries in south-east Africa in the 1850s. It was during this rather obscure campaign that he would earn the highest honour, the Victoria Cross, for leading an ambush of an enemy column approaching the Limpopo River, and routing them with a force only one third their size and composed mainly of local militias.

Although Colonel Sir Samuel ‘Big‘ MacDonald has only recently returned to active service after a leisurely decade in retirement, his presence is being felt all along the Britannian Line – but not always for the right reasons. Only a fool would underestimate this great man, although perhaps past his physical prime, his mind is as sharp as it ever was – making the Colonel a superb commanding officer.

Legions Kingdom of Britannia Knights Templar 1 Legions Kingdom of Britannia Knights Templar 2

Knights Templar

The Knights Templar are an ancient Order, which traces its origins back to the 12th Century. However the Society today is a very different entity. Since its expulsion from continental Europe several centuries ago, the Order has receded into the shadows somewhat. Most of its efforts have been focussed on furthering the expansion of the Britannian Empire, and it is a common belief that they are the real power behind the ‘Knights’ faction within Britannian politics.
The Knights Templar are an intimidating presence on the battlefield. Although smaller than the hulking armoured suits of the Teutonic Order, with their personal Shield Generators they are nearly as well protected, but with a much smaller sacrifice in agility.

Their offensive comes primarily in the form of the Adams No. 10 Auto-Revolver, an immensely powerful weapon which only the Templar’s in their motorised combat suits could hope to fire with any degree of accuracy.
The Adams No. 10 Auto-Revolver lacks the long range capacity favoured by the Britannian Line Infantry, but compensates with close range devastation. The weapon is even powerful enough to punch holes through the more vulnerable side or rear armour of some Ironclad vehicles.

Legions Captain Gilbert Smethington II Artwork Legions Captain Smethington showing his class in battle

Captain Gilbert ‚Bertie‘ Smethington II

Captain Gilbert ‘Bertie’ Smethington II, Distinguished Flying Cross, is undoubtedly the most famous of the RFC’s officer class. The scion of a noted aristocratic family – his father, Lieutenant-General Baronet Gilbert Smethington I, served with the army in southern Africa – Bertie saw action in the Far East before being transferred back to Britannia to take part in the Kingdom’s offensive operations against the Prussian Empire.

Brash, loud and flamboyant, Smethington’s presence is always welcomed by infantry units on the ground, despite – or sometimes because of – his propensity to rub regular infantry officers up the wrong way. His mere presence can inspire ordinary troops to great feats of courage in battle no matter the odds. Apart from his undoubted charisma, the Captain is also noted for having a lucky streak that often seems to land him, and those he leads, on their feet.

Captain Smethington favours a customised automatic pistol as his personal arm, a piece of extraordinary quality and effectiveness made by the prestigious Egg gunmaking house in London. However, ‘Bertie’s Blazer’ as it has become known to troops serving alongside him, has far more significance to Gilbert than just its effectiveness as a weapon.

Legions Kingdom of Britannia Lieutenant Artwork Legions Kingdom of Britannia Lieutenant in action

Kingdom of Britannia Lieutenant

The officer corps of Britannian regiments has traditionally been drawn from the nation’s upper class. Many old Britannian families have a long and honourable tradition of military service.
Britannian field officers are mostly still seen as a breed apart by the troops under their command. What comes as a surprise to outside observers is that this often serves to strengthen the bond between commissioned officers and the regular soldiers.

Britannian officers, aware of their reputation, go to great lengths to remain absolutely unflappable even in the face of the worst tribulations. As far as they are concerned, a panicking commander is of no use to anyone. In turn, the regular troops harbour great respect for their leaders that stems from more than mere status.

Legions Sky Hussars Legions The Sky Hussars on a Game Board

Sky Hussars

Horse-mounted cavalry has all but vanished from the Britannian army’s order of battle since the flood of technology from the Covenant of Antarctica began to change the world in the late 1850s.
The cavalry regiments, however, did not disappear but instead radically altered their training regimes and equipment. Like the more heavily-armed garrison troops of the Land, Air and Naval Armadas, they are equipped with the sturdy Sturgicite-fuelled Brunel-Fosdyke Rocket Assisted Transit personal flying machine – nicknamed the ‘Ratpack’.

Britannia’s Hussar Regiments retain their role as daring, fast-moving assault troops. Many a hard-pressed regular platoon has had reason to thank a timely intervention by a Sky Hussar squadron at the key moment.
They are nicknamed ‘Flaming Angels’ by the Britannian press, thanks to their main armament – Ricardo MkII Flamebelchers, pistol-sized weapons capable of spewing great sheets of fire over opponents and sending them scrambling away in blind panic. These weapons are relatively new, being issued alongside more conventional arms and giving the Sky Hussars an exceptional edge in the shock assaults they favour.

Legions Kingdom of Britannia Line Infantry Legions Line Infantry show no remorse

Line Infantry

For centuries, the armies of Britannia have relied on a solid core of well-trained, professional Riflemen. Since the unification of the British Isles as the Kingdom of Britannia, its red-coated soldiers have fought on nearly every continent, and their battles have taken them to the very ends of the earth.

From tiny islands in bleak oceanic fastnesses to the searing deserts of Africa and the dense jungles of South Asia, Britannia’s soldiers have marched to battle in the name of monarch and country. Through all of this, the Britannians have maintained a reputation for battle skill and resolution that far outweighed their relatively small numbers.

Prime among these attributes is their sheer stubbornness and will to win. Many times Queen Victoria’s forces have emerged from campaigns in triumph through their sheer unwillingness to accept defeat. Dogged endurance has seen even small expeditionary forces overwhelm many foes that should have beaten them.

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  • DIe Kights Templar finde ich verdammt geil. Eine sehr interessante und gute Kombination aus klassischer Ritterrüstung, Steampunk-Ästhetik und der Pseude-SciFi von Dystopian Wars. Spartan liefert da sehr überzeugende Konzepte ab.

    Auch die Sky Hussars finde ich gelungen, ebenso wie die reguläre Infanterie. Deswegen werden auch die Briten eine meiner zwei Dystopian Legions Fraktionen (die andere sind natürlich die Preußen).

  • Ja, die Knights Templar sind spitze.
    Bei mir ist die Position einer Zweitfraktion noch zu füllen und damit haben die Briten einen deutlichen Pluspunkt, auch wenn mir die Amis auch sehr gut gefallen.

  • Die Knights Templar sind der HAMMER! Selten Modelle gesehen, die mich so vom Hocker hauen. So müssen Servorüstungen aussehen!

  • einfach nur großartig. klitzekleines manko is der typ im rollstuhl. vom aussehen konnte der mich nicht wirklich überzeugen. mit coolen regeln würde der es wohl nur eventuell in meine truppe schaffen

  • Oh mein Gott!
    Ein alter Schnösel Lord im dampfgetriebenen Rollstuhl mit integrierter minibar? Das ist ja so lächerlich das es fast schon wieder gut ist!

    Der Rest ist aber sehr gelungen!

    • Im ersten Augenblick hab ich ihn für Windle Poons gehalten ^^. Ob da jemand bei Spartan seinen Pratchett gelesen hat?

    • Also gerade den „alten Herren“ finde ich ja einfach genial. Egal ob für DL oder einfach nur als Vitrinenfigur. Die Briten sind schon bestellt^^.
      Von so einem „Thron“ können sich andere britischen Hersteller ein Scheibchen abschneiden.

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