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Dust Tactics: Sino-Soviet Union

Fantasy Flight Games stellen die Sino-Soviet Union für Dust Tactics vor.

Dust Tactics - Sino-Soviet Union Dust Tactics - Sino-Soviet Union Individual-robot Dust Tactics - Sino-Soviet Union DT036-squad

The Sino-Soviet Union (SSU) is the newest playable faction in Dust Tactics! This world power has been in the middle of the global struggle for years. Now, for the first time, you have the chance build your very own SSU force and crush your enemies. With the addition of this faction, immediately supported by a five unit expansions, the global conflict in Dust Tactics grows even more intense. In addition to powerful units for the SSU, the Operation “Zverograd” campaign provides the SSU backstory along with scenarios and rules to get started.

Neben der Vorstellung der sovjetischen Truppen gibt es einen Ausblick auf kommende Fliegerregeln.

Der deutsche Vertrieb für Fantasy Flight Games liegt bei Heidelberger.

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