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Hordes: Everblight Scythean und Forces of Hordes Trollbloods

Zwei weitere Releases bzw. Ankündigungen zu Hordes, Legion of Everblight Scythean und das bevorstehende Forces of Hordes Trollbloods Buch.

Hordes - Legion of Everblight Scythean

The vicious creations of Everblight are as varied as that dragon’s fevered thoughts. The scythean is the culmination of his experiments and dreams of slaughter. The hulking monstrosities are birthed in the bloody cauldrons of Everblight’s corrupted acolytes and sent forth to rend flesh from bone. When a scythean falls upon its prey with its terrible claws, its fury is so great even the most resilient of foes is torn asunder in a savage orgy of gore.

Hordes - Forces of Hordes Trollbloods

For Kith and Kriel
Caught amid the destructive wars of man, the many tribes of the trollkin have united to save their kind and drive out those who despoil their lands. Led by mighty warlocks who can summon ferocious full-blood trolls to their side and backed by hearty trollkin warriors, pygmy sharpshooters, and powerful champions who have banded together to forge their own legends, the trollkin are prepared to stand their ground against any army that dares threaten them.

In Deutschland werden die Privateer Press Produkte über Ulisses Spiele vertrieben und sind unter anderem bei unserem Partner Planet Fantasy, Fantasy In und TinBitz erhältlich.

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  • Bei den Unmengen von Designs die es schon gibt, ist es natürlich keine Schnade, wenn hier und da Ähnlichkeiten zu schon existirenden Modellen auftauchen, aber die Viecher sehen mir persönlich zu sehr nach Tyraniden aus. Schade.

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