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Panzerfäuste: Orc War Wyrm

Ein einzelner, annonymer Backer hat das erste Warbeast des Spiels finanziert!

Hysterical_Panzerfaeuste_Orc_War_Wyrm_1 Hysterical_Panzerfaeuste_Orc_War_Wyrm_2 Hysterical_Panzerfaeuste_Orc_War_Wyrm_3

Can we just say, that you are the most humbling bunch of folk that we have ever had the pleasure of doing business with? Genuinely, the most heartfelt of thank you’s go out to you all and we know that we say it a lot, but this time we pretty much got reduced to tears with gratitude and just had to say it again.

One of our backers (who wishes to remain anonymous, due to ‚The Wife’s Wrath‘) has, incredibly kindly, offered to help fund the creation of the Orc War Wyrm. This magnificent beast is available NOW as an add on, and thanks to this gentleman’s help, will be a part of our very first wave of shipments.

„Lieutenant Eûn-hil slapped Bȅv-urlii on the flank as he walked around her. Here was a mount an Orc could be proud of he mused as he checked the feedbox was secured to the superstructure.  “Soon gurl” he grunted as he checked the steering chains. 

Pausing before he mounted his beast, he looked across the burning wheat fields and mushroom farms of Dûn-Nomin to where the advancing Dwarf army was. He clambered up the glacis plate and into the body. “Stupid bloody turret” he grumbled as he squeezed his bulk into the confined hull, “I’d like to stuff the boffin who designed it in here!” Cocking the machine gun, he kicked his driver on the shoulder, the order to advance the war-wyrm. Now to give the stunties some of their own medicine…“

So without further ado, I would like to announce the ORC „MATILDA I“ WAR-WYRM!

This kit will come with an optional chest on the back full of gribbly offcuts of meat, a second head with a closed mouth, an optional Beast Commander (which can be replaced with a closed hatch).

Und das sind die aktuellen Stretch Goals:

Hysterical_Panzerfaeuste_Stretch_Goals_1 Hysterical_Panzerfaeuste_Stretch_Goals_2 Hysterical_Panzerfaeuste_Stretch_Goals_3 Hysterical_Panzerfaeuste_Stretch_Goals_4

Hysterical_Panzerfaeuste_Stretch_Goals_5 Hysterical_Panzerfaeuste_Stretch_Goals_6 Hysterical_Panzerfaeuste_Stretch_Goals_7 Hysterical_Panzerfaeuste_Stretch_Goals_8

Die Kampagne läuft noch 5 Tage.

Quelle: Panzerfäuste: Mechanised Warfare in a Mythical Realm


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