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Warlord Games: Soldier of Fortune Shiver me Timbers!

Diesen Monat gibt sich bei Warlord Games Lord Nelson die Ehre.

Soldier of Fortune 010 – Shiver me Timbers! (Young Nelson loaded for Bear)

WG Soldier Of Fortune 010 Shiver Me Timbers! 1

May 2024’s Soldier of Fortune is inspired by the British Naval legend of an adolescent Horatio Nelson.

It’s the start of a new month, and you know what that means – it’s time for a brand new Soldier of Fortune! This month, we’ve gone with something of a nautical theme, but not as you might expect it – enter (pursued by a bear), Young Nelson!

A little bit of background is required for this one! While Nelson (later Admiral, Lord, Column Namesake, etc) is of course one of Britain’s best-known war heroes, and a legend of the Napoleonic Wars – his exploits at the Battle of Trafalgar are a key part of the national mythos – his earlier career is rather less well-known. At the age of 14, Horatio Nelson would join a polar expedition (as one does) in 1773, serving aboard HMS Carcass under the command of Captain Skeffington Lutwidge. Seriously, people just did names better back then!

On this expedition, Nelson would see a Polar bear and decide that its pelt would make a great gift for his father – as one does. Being 14, and thus entirely convinced of his own immortality, he decided to take down the beast himself. Arming himself with a musket and his Midshipman’s dirk, the young Horatio ventured out onto the ice, and took careful aim…

The exact story becomes rather cloudy here – some accounts say that his musket failed to fire, others that he missed. In either case, what is agreed upon is that Nelson would find himself face to face with a large and rather angry ursine, and that British naval history could have been very, very different, had some Carcass crewmen not seen the young officer’s plight. Scaring the bear away by firing a cannon at it, they almost certainly saved Nelson’s life, and he would escape sans bearskin, but with his own hide intact – what might have been!

WG Soldier Of Fortune 010 Shiver Me Timbers! 2

Nelson and the Bear; Artist: Westall, Richard c.1806; (National Maritime Museum) – We suspect the facial expressions might have been reversed in real life!

WG Soldier Of Fortune 010 Shiver Me Timbers! 3 WG Soldier Of Fortune 010 Shiver Me Timbers! 4 WG Soldier Of Fortune 010 Shiver Me Timbers! 5

The fantastic pair of figures in this month’s Soldier of Fortune set depict Horatio Nelson having what has to be considered a significant emotional event as he draws his trusty dirk to protect himself, as well as an understandably angry Polar bear intent on having Midshipman for dinner. Cast in fabulously detailed Warlord Resin, they’re an amazing addition to any display cabinet, and a fantastic accompaniment to any Black Seas or Black Powder force – and an amazing opportunity for painters in their own right to really go to town on both Nelson’s uniform and the Polar bear fur, to say nothing of the snow and ice basing!

As with all of our Soldier of Fortune figures, Shiver Me Timbers! (see what we did there? What with a polar expedition being cold, and it being a nautical expression and…) will only be available during the month of May 2024 after which Nelson will exit (pursued by a bear) and disappear back aboard his ship, where he’ll stay safe and sound for many years to come!

Don’t miss out – grab May’s Soldier of Fortune set today!

Der Preis für Soldier of Fortune 010: Shiver me Timbers! (Young Nelson loaded for bear) liegt bei 12,50€.

Produkte von Warlord Games sind unter anderem bei unserem Partner Minyarts erhältlich.

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