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Warlord Games: Achtung Panzer

Warlord Games zeigen eine neue Vorschau für Achtung, Panzer!

WG Achtung Panzer Banner

Incoming! Achtung Panzer!
Introducing the newest member of our World War II wargames family.

Listen up, tankers! We’ve been looking at the intelligence picture very closely over the last few days, and it’s time to give you a more in-depth brief on the situation. There’s a new game in town, and it’s tailor-made for you armoured types – Achtung Panzer!, as the Germans would say! Take out your tank recognition cards, and hold any questions until the end, please – we’ve got a lot to get through!

Blood And Steel
Achtung Panzer! Blood and Steel
Blood and Steel – German Panthers mount a solid defence against encroaching British Shermans.

We’ll start with the basics – it’s always good to remember what we’re fighting for, and why. Now, if you’ve been following the daily Intelligence Reports, you’ll know some of this, but it’s worth paying attention anyway.

German Panzer Tank Crewman
Dismounted German Panzer Crewman

Achtung Panzer! is our brand-new game of in-depth 28mm WW2 tank combat that lets you fight exciting close-quarter battles in dense terrain, and experience the effectiveness of armoured fighting vehicles and their crews in WW2, with enormous customisability and a rewarding campaign system. Utilising our extensive range of WW2 armoured vehicles and your existing Bolt Action vehicle collections, you can recreate some of the greatest tank battles of the war and scenes from classic films such as Kelly’s Heroes and Fury, (who doesn’t like a good Hollywood tank fight?) with detailed and unique statistics ensuring the tanks on the tabletop feel like their real-life counterparts!

You’ll control a small number of tanks, and using a unique initiative order system do battle through heavy terrain on the tabletop. Detailed spotting and destruction mechanics will require you to first identify your targets, then line up the perfect shot before you fire. The action and event card system ensures that no two games are the same, and the linked campaign system allows you to see your crews and tanks progress over the course of numerous battles.

Many of you have served previous tours on the Bolt Action and Tank War battlefields, and you’ll no doubt be wondering whether you can put that experience to use here. Now hear this: this is a war unlike any you’ve fought before! Bolt Action is a game of hard-fought infantry actions with limited armoured support, and the Tank War supplement takes the framework of Bolt Action and adapts it to tank-on-tank fighting while maintaining the quick simplicity of the parent game. Achtung Panzer! is entirely its own beast, diving deep into the nuts and bolts of Second World War armoured combat to provide a far more in-depth gaming experience, putting you in the commander’s seat (with the best view in the house)! With a particular focus on the abilities of your crews and the performance of individual tanks, guns, and shells, it’s all about the tanks and tankers here – so leave that footslogger know-how at the door! Bolt Action and Tank War aren’t going anywhere, but this new warfront is sure to see the best armoured commanders deployed – that’s where you come in.

A Clash Of Monstrous Metal On The Ostfront Scaled
Achtung Panzer – Ostfront Clash
The big guns – a clash of monstrous proportions on the Ostfront.

Well there you go – what’s that? You want more information? Well, I suppose since you’re going to be the ones out there in the thick of the action, we can reveal some more highly classified details – just make sure you remember all of this when the shells start flying!

Achtung Panzer Asset Event Ace Skill Cards 1
Asset, Event & Ace Skill Cards

So how does it all work? Well, there are plenty of concepts that seasoned wargamers will be familiar with – dice rolls are made with D6, measurements are in inches, and you need line-of-sight to a target in order to shoot it – so don’t worry about having to invest in a load of funky new dice or strange templates! There are, however, a number of cards and tokens involved!

Each tank has its own card – think of this like a ‘control panel’ and you won’t go far wrong. On it you’ll find all of the vital statistics needed to play, and spaces for the various tokens denoting things like ammunition, crew skill level, and the like – this allows you to see at a glance the status of all the vehicles in your platoon, giving you all the information you need to make vital tactical decisions!

Achtung Panzer Panther Datacard 1
Achtung Panzer! Panther Datacard
German Panther Ausf. A Datacard – note that Driver(s), Gunner(s) and Loader(s) are represented by combined crew positions for standardisation!

Now, I know you’re all raring to get in the fight, but hold your horses just a moment – we need steely nerves and cool heads in this kind of war, and you need as much preparation as we can give you – that’s why there’ll be in-depth breakdowns of the different phases of the game delivered as briefings just like this one during the pre-order period. That way, when the big day comes, you’ll be as ready as possible for the fighting to come! It’d be pointless, however, to give you those briefings without a basic grounding in the core mechanics – take a copy of this handout, study it carefully, and report back here soon for a briefing on moving carefully, as a unit, through dense terrain in enemy territory.

AP Game Overview Page

Tankers… dismissed! …for now…

Die Vorbestellungen sind inzwischen online und zahlreich. Wir zeigen an dieser STelle mal das Starterset:

WG Achtung Panzer Starter Set 1 WG Achtung Panzer Starter Set 2 WG Achtung Panzer Starter Set 3 WG Achtung Panzer Starter Set 4 WG Achtung Panzer Starter Set 5 WG Achtung Panzer Starter Set 6 WG Achtung Panzer Starter Set 7 WG Achtung Panzer Starter Set 8 WG Achtung Panzer Starter Set 9 WG Achtung Panzer Starter Set 10 WG Achtung Panzer Starter Set 11 WG Achtung Panzer Starter Set 12 WG Achtung Panzer Starter Set 13 WG Achtung Panzer Starter Set 14 WG Achtung Panzer Starter Set 15 WG Achtung Panzer Starter Set 16

Achtung Panzer! Blood & Steel starter set – €120,00

All pre-orders for this product placed during February 2024 will receive a FREE PDF copy of the Achtung Panzer! rulebook. This will be emailed automatically to you as soon as your order ships out, letting you get into the action as quickly as possible!

The Second World War saw the rise of armoured fighting vehicles, in particular the tank, from experimental designs based on unfounded theories to fully developed war machines capable of incredible destruction. Wherever nations clashed, tanks could be found, often having a pivotal impact on the outcome of battles and campaigns.

Achtung Panzer! puts YOU in command of a tank platoon and thrusts you into the heart of the action on the battlefields of World War Two. Take charge, and lead your armoured forces to glory!

The Blood & Steel starter set contains everything you need to start playing Achtung Panzer!, with a pair of mighty German Panthers facing off against a trio of British Shermans, one of which is the Firefly variant mounting the fearsome 17pdr gun. These five mighty machines are all rendered in fantastically detailed plastic kits, packed with optional extras, and can be customised even further with the included stowage packs, allowing you to make truly unique and characterful tank platoons.

Alongside these highly detailed plastic tanks for British and German forces, plastic ruined scenery and a host of event and asset cards add fantastic depth to your games. Terrain is essential to the close-quarter engagements between opposing armoured vehicles on battlefields dominated by buildings, ruins, woods and other terrain that make up games of Achtung Panzer!, while the cards ensure a dynamic, ever-changing battlefield where no two battles are ever the same.

In addition to a full breakdown of the nuts and bolts of Achtung Panzer!, the 108-page, full colour rulebook explains how to recruit your crew, select your platoon of tanks, assault guns or armoured cars, and introduces a campaign system that allows your crew to progress after each encounter and your tanks to be upgraded to be more effective in the next battle. Extensive tank profiles allow you to field hugely varied forces of some of the most famous armoured fighting vehicles of the Second World War, while photocopiable stat cards mean you can get your existing collections into action right away! With Britain, Germany, the USA, and the Soviet Union covered in this core rulebook, additional nations, theatres of operations and tanks will be introduced in future expansions.

The player who best exploits the strengths of their tanks and crews, plans their movement carefully, and uses battlefield terrain to their advantage will prevail – will your tactical acumen and the fighting spirit of your tank crews carry the day?

The Achtung Panzer! Blood & Steel starter set contains:

  • 1x 108-page Achtung Panzer! rulebook
  • 1x Blood & Steel booklet
  • 2x 1/56th scale hard plastic Panther Ausf. A medium tanks
  • 2x 1/56th scale hard plastic Sherman V medium tanks
  • 1x 1/56th scale hard plastic Sherman Firefly Vc medium tank
  • 2x 1/56th scale hard plastic Ruined Farmhouses
  • 20x Achtung Panzer! asset cards
  • 52x Achtung Panzer! events cards
  • 4x Achtung Panzer! Tank Ace skill cards
  • Achtung Panzer! phase & time tracker
  • Full-colour decal sheet
  • Vehicle damage markers
  • Achtung Panzer! tokens, markers and Datacards
  • Tank stowage & accessories
  • Six-sided dice

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