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Wargames Atlantic: Neue Previews

Von Wargames Atlantic kommen neue Previews für Baron’s War.

The Next Four Sets for Barons‘ War!

There are thousands of boxes of Foot Knights out there in the world waiting for reinforcements! Never fear, they are on the way!

Wargamesatlantic Footknights 01 Wargamesatlantic Footknights 03

Here’s a sneak peek at 3 of the next 4 sets that we’re working on for the Barons‘ War!

First up will be two more infantry sets. These are both in the tooling process now so are not too far off:

WA Wargames Atlantic Previews 3

Foot Serjeants follow their knights into battle! This box set will let you build spear, crossbow, halberd, falchion, and sword-armed serjeants.

WA Wargames Atlantic Previews 2

The Levy form the bulk of armies during this era. Ranging from trained longbowmen to conscripted peasants with farm implements. This set will build a huge variety of poses and types of troops and can be used well before and beyond the Barons‘ War period – and even populate your fantasy armies!

WA Wargames Atlantic Previews 1

The mounted knights charge onto the field! Dominate the battlefield or prepare for a jousting match with these incredible mounted units. All arms and heads are compatible with the foot knights set to give you even more variety! These are also about to join the tooling queue and will be with us soon!

Coming on these three sets‘ heels are Mounted Serjeants and some more surprises!

Keep an eye on our Age of Chivalry page as these move through tooling and we get closer to the release dates!

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