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Victoria Miniatures: Neuheiten

Victoria Miniatures zeigen Neuheiten.

Victoria Heavy Weapon Set Digital 4 1000x Victoria Heavy Weapon Set Digita 2l 1000x Victoria Workbench HW 1000x Victoria WorkbenchHW2 1000x

Heavy weapons carriage Digital Download with 4 interchangeable cannons is now in store. This kit includes parts to build the following heavy weapons:
Heavy Bolter
Heavy Stubber
Laser Cannon
Auto Cannon
Plus bonus wheel options, Auto Cannon magazine variants and 50mm base. Supported and un-supported files included.

Link zu Heavy Weapons


Victoria01 Victoria02 Victoria03

Hi, Female Beret heads are now available for download. These include the originals plus a bonus set with collars that have been scaled to fit plastic Cadians.
Let me know what you think about the Cadian collar set. Would you like to see this done with other digital heads. Do you want physical versions? Thanks, V

Link zu den Köpfen


Victoria04 Victoria05 Victoria06 Victoria07

New textured Camo Cloaks are now available as .STL downloads and physical prints. The detail on these cloaks has been specially sculpted to work with contrast and speed paints. Just a simple wash will bring out the camo patterns.

Link zu den Umhängen



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Seit 2002 im Hobby mit Mage Knight, gefolgt von Confrontation, um dann bei Warmachine/Hordes hängen zu bleiben. Aktuelle Projekte: SW Shatterpoint, SW Legion, SW Imperial Assault, Warhammer Underworlds, Aristeia, OPR und Bloodfields.

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