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TTCombat: Relics kommt zurück

Im Laufe des Jahres bringen TTCombat das Fantasyspiel Relics zurück.

TTCombat Relics Preview 1

Relics is returning in 2024!
We are happy to say our team is working on Relics again. Initially, we’re in the process of creating new moulds for the Britanan and the Orcnar as these will be the first factions restocked in February. Following this we’ll be moving onto the Ridend and Vaettir but rest assured all of the range will be restocked ASAP!
If you’re new to the game, you can find the rules available for FREE on our website:

TTCombat Relics Preview 2

Trained at the Royal Academy of Magic, Puppeteers are inducted into the ranks of the Britanan following the completion of their education. In battle, a Puppeteer will weave sporadically through the ranks of the amassed Britanan armies like a mock of effigies of the puppet King, their bloodshot eyes peer out through their grotesque masks and roll in their heads as they mutter their secret spells and incantations. Mumbled chanting entices the soldiers of King Jorje onwards to war and glory.

TTCombat Relics Preview 3

As we said, its not just the Britanan returning to stock next month!
Usually found in the Kluklkl caverns, by the frost mountains in the decaying land of Eard, the savage Orcnar have come from the cold darkness to hunt. Horribly grotesque and disfigured, they are the victims of a cruel and terrible curse that has damned their species and dramatically dwindled their population. It would seem that without a miracle this race is doomed to extinction and yet they continue to war against the free peoples of Relicia.
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