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TTCombat: Carnevale und Rumbleslam

TTCombat veröffentlichen neue Figuren für Carnevale und Rumbleslam.

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You’re about to have a load of new miniatures to paint!
It’s a great time to be playing Carnevale Miniatures Game as today we’re thrilled to be releasing the Monstrous Stryx. Towering over a Morgraur and responsible for more Pilferer disappearances than the Vatican, Vlad’s bat is here to party. Thankfully the followers of the faith have assembled the Knights of Silence in an attempt to hunt down the Stryx.
The Horn of the Moote Carlo has been blown and RUMBLESLAM fans… YOU MUST ANSWER ITS CALL! We’re thrilled to be bringing you numerous new wrestlers this week including the Brawlmarillion. Yet, they won’t fight alone. Joining them in the ring are El Pollo Excellente, Dios Dorado, and Tomoe Gorgon. These three warriors are the latest superstars hoping to take the wrestling world by force.
Finally, TTCombat proudly presents our three new paint sets for your hobby needs. Candy Coats, Washes, and Metallics sets are all available to order now.
You’ll find all of this weeks releases on the TTCombat website:
Die Farben gab es bereits in der News hier.

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TTCombat: Carnevale und Farben



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