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The Silver Bayonet: Siebte Welle

Bei North Star Military Figures können die Miniaturen für die The Silver Bayonet: Egypt Erweiterung vorbestellt werden.

NSMF British Paranormal Investigator & Officer

British Paranormal Investigator & Officer – 6,00£

Released 23rd May 2024. 

Two Soldiers for The Silver Bayonet.

They are dressed more for Egypt than Europe, so you can incorporate them into your British Unit when adventuring in Egypt.

28mm sized metal figures, supplied unpainted.

These figures are only available May 2024. They may be released later on as part of a box set.

NSMF French Paranormal Investigator & Occultist

French Paranormal Investigator & Occultist – 6,00£

Released 23rd May 2024. 

Two Soldiers for The Silver Bayonet.

They are dressed more for North Africa than Europe, so you can incorporate them into your French Unit when adventuring in Egypt.

28mm sized metal figures, supplied unpainted.

These figures are only available May 2024. They may be released later on as part of a box set.

NSMF Giant Scorpion

Giant Scorpion – 12,00£

RELEASED 23rd MAY 2024. 

When the blood of certain abominations pours out into the desert sands, it can infect the earth and cause strange things to happen. One of the most terrifying is the growth of normal scorpions into monstrous beasts, whose curved tails can easily reach a mounted soldier. With claws that can tear a man in half and a stinger that can punch through the thickest armour, it’s a rare soldier that survives long enough to worry about its venom. While these creatures have no supernatural defences, no specific immunities, they have a tough exoskeleton that can deflect blades and musket balls.

28mm sized monster. Made of metal and supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Warning. This metal kit is quite complex and does require some experience in modelling to construct.

NSMF Knight Hospitaller & Native Scout

Knight Hospitaller & Native Scout – 6,00£

RELEASED 23rd MAY 2024. 

Knight Hospitaller
Nationalities: France, Spain, Russia
Once a powerful military order, by the time of the Napoleonic Wars, the Knights Hospitaller were mainly an administrative group in charge of the island of Malta, where they carried on their tradition of protection and aid to pilgrims. When Napoleon captured Malta on his way to Egypt, the organization was functionally destroyed, though some members would reform smaller groups in other countries such as Russia. Those fighting for France, probably do so under a degree of duress, but their Christian calling to help the needy, along with their medical skills, make them a good addition to specialist units.

Native Scout
As large empires that include many overseas territories, Britain, France, and Spain are used to employing ‘native’ people as scouts, guides, and militia. Occasionally one of these natives is brought to Europe specifically to serve in a specialist unit. Their closer connection to nature and to the spirit world tends to make them very resilient when facing the supernatural.

Two 28mm sized metal figures, supplied unpainted.

NSMF Sarcophagus

Sarcophagus – 6,00£

RELEASED 23rd MAY 2024.

Three part metal kit. Supplied unpainted.

NSMF Serpopard

Serpopard – 4,00£

RELEASED 23rd MAY 2024. 

These dangerous creatures have the body of either a lion or leopard but with a long, snake like head, which writhes and twists with strangely hypnotic movements. While rare, these creatures are sometimes encountered in chambers deep beneath the earth, guarding ancient knowledge. They are never found near physical treasure, which probably relates to their weakness to precious metals such as gold and silver. Like many other cat-like creatures, serpopards sometimes like to play with their victims, poisoning them, then letting them run awhile before finishing them off.

28mm sized metal model, supplied unpainted.

NSMF Skeletons (Animated)

Skeletons (Animated) – 15,00£

RELEASED 23rd MAY 2024. 

In places where ancient bones are plentiful, it is not unusual for specialist units to encountere animated skeletons. While these creatures are not particularly strong and can be smashed to bits with a well-aimed strike, they are very difficult to destroy with missile weapons, and enough of them can drag down even the mightiest of warriors.

Five models per pack. 28mm sized, supplied unpainted.

NSMF The Egyptian Unit

The Egyptian Unit – 24,00£

RELEASED 23rd MAY 2024. 

To play the Silver Bayonet, you choose an Officer figure from your preferred nation, and you recruit a special unit of skilled Soldiers to take on investigations and to battle against supernatural forces.

We have put together a typical Egyptian Unit for you to use in The Silver Bayonet.

The figures represent:
Your Officer,
A Mameluke,
A Bedouin Raider,
A Janissary,
A Conscript,
A Follower of the Old Gods,
An Artillerist,
A Vetern Hunter,

All figures are 28mm sized, made of metal and supplied unpainted.

NSMF Uraeus

Uraeus – 12,00£

RELEASED 23rd MAY 2024. 

These gigantic cobras can stand slightly higher than a man when poised, ready to strike. Since these creatures have only recently been reported, at least in modern times, it is thought that they are some creation of the Harvestmen. While these snakes can be killed with regular weapons, they are extremely tough. Thankfully, they seem to have a vulnerability to precious metals, so silver is often employed when they are known to be about.

Designed to go with 28mm sized figures. Made of metal and supplied unassembled and unpainted.

NSMF Werejackals

Werejackals – 6,00£

RELEASED 23rd MAY 2024. 

Although these creatures resemble smaller, lither, less hairy, werewolves, they are a completely separate variety of beast, which a few unfortunates discovered when their silver bullets had little effect. Extremely fast and vicious, these creatures appear to have no sense of self-preservation.

Two metal figures, 28mm sized, supplied unpainted.

NSMF The Silver Bayonet Wave 7 Launch Deal 1

The Silver Bayonet: Wave 7 Launch Deal – 88,00£

Released 23rd May 2024. 

To celebrate the Wave 7 figure release of new miniatures for The Silver Bayonet: Egypt, we have this special launch deal for you.

Get one each of all the new figure releases:
Egyptian Unit
Hospitaller & Native Scout
Giant Scorpion
British Officer and Paranornal Investigator
French Occultist and Paranormal Investigator

Plus one extra free model. A French Grenadier dressed for Egypt, only available through the Launch Deals.

Offer ends 23rd May 2024.

25 different models.

Quelle: North Star Military Figures


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  • Persönlich bin ich etwas enttäuscht, ist für mich bis jetzt das schwächste Set.
    Da muss ich noch schaun ob und was ich will

  • Bei Reaper Bones gibt besser Ägypten minis, die Skelette ziehen mir die Fußnägel hoch, der ein oder Verweis auf die Pharaonen wäre doch mal drin gewesen…

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