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Shatterpoint: Hondo, Honest Businessman Regelvorschau

Atomic Mass Games zeigen eine neue Vorschau für Star Wars Shatterpoint: Hondo, Honest Businessman.

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Databank Download: Hondo, Honest Businessman

Amid a galaxy full of strange and interesting personalities, so be it of some distinction that Hondo Ohnaka has made himself unforgettable. He is a man who can be trusted to always place his own interests above anyone else. Always open to negotiations and a deal, Hondo has a knack for being in the right place and time to take advantage of those in need.


Hondo, Honest Businessman, as he thinks of himself, has often been given less flattering labels, particularly given his leadership over the Ohnaka Gang of Weequay pirates. He has had a lively career being accused of a wide variety of crimes, though he insists this is the natural consequence of his pure pursuit of profit. It is true he has saved lives as well as destroyed them, and certainly there are other pirates more ruthless and villainous. He has often found himself entering into temporary alliances with such legendary individuals as Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, or Ahsoka Tano. His reputation suffers from the occasional act of betrayal, such as reneging on a deal in progress for a better offer from the other side. To him, this is nothing personal, being just a matter of business priorities. His most vital priority is his own survival, and Hondo is a skilled if underhanded combatant toward that end.

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In battle, Hondo always keeps an eye on his true objectives, since That’s Just Good Business. This Tactics Ability allows him to refresh tokens in his Force Pool for those controlled by his adversary, giving him a leg up on reversing the situation back to his advantage. After a lifetime of schemes, he has a wealth of Inspiring Stories, So Many of Them True. Distracting the foe with his charms, this Active Ability lets him and his chosen allies Dash to a better position (such as getting out of harm’s way).


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Hondo has many tricks up his sleeves and prefers to play dirty whenever possible, which is just good tactics, to his perspective. He has a strong intuition for when the flow of battle is in his favor or turning against him, and has excellent timing for throwing a wrench in the enemy’s plans. This is best represented by What Have We Here?, an Active Ability that lets him Pin and Strain a nearby foe that’s troubling him, possibly further thwarting enemy plans by shuffling that unit’s Order Card back into their Order Deck, if it was in reserve. Taking advantage of his This Effort is No Longer Profitable Reactive Ability lets Hondo Reposition if a nearby ally is wounded. And Fair? What’s Fair?, his powerful Identity Ability, allows his allies to attack with greater success whenever fighting an already engaged target, though at the cost of being Strained from the effort. Hondo’s friends, being mostly other pirates, love nothing more than surrounding and ganging up on a foe to swiftly take them down.


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Hondo has the choice of a pair of versatile Stances, one arguably best when going for the kill and the other affording some added resilience and evasion when Hondo’s survival is at stake. The Pugnatious Pirate Stance embodies Hondo’s ruthless and aggressive tendencies when circumstances require it. This Stance’s Expertise Charts slightly favor melee, potentially amping up Hondo’s Electro Staff. Its Defense Expertise Chart offers the chance for some minor healing and possibly a Jump to get to a better position. The larger impact of the Stance is its aggressive Combat Tree, which has a high potential damage output as well as the potential for up to three Shoves, or the chance to Expose or Pin his foe, and as well as a Climb to reach higher ground.

Hondo’s Clever Captain Stance has lower damage output but arguably a stronger Defense Expertise Chart, possibly changing an enemy critical against him into a failure. This Stance’s Ranged Attack Expertise Chart is also stronger, prioritizing Criticals. And while its Combat Tree doesn’t offer as much raw damage, it has versatile tactical effects including a couple options to Heal or alternately Reposition if things are looking dicey, along with an early option to Pin, or higher up the tree to Disarm or Expose the foe, and deliver up to two Shoves.

In both stances, Hondo’s higher Ranged Attack stats demonstrate his preference to rely on his blaster and killing at a distance over fighting in close, but he’s certainly capable of melee in a pinch, particularly if he can coordinate his allies to gang up to exploit Fair? What’s Fair?


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Hondo proves to be every bit the charming and shifty scoundrel, one who is best watched closely both by his temporary allies as much as his enemies. Whatever else happens when he’s around, you can expect him to live to tell the tale and make a few credits in the process.

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