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Slave 2 Gaming: MA.K Neuheiten

Slave 2 Gaming veröffentlicht Maschinenkrieger MA.K Neuheiten in 15mm.

Mak 5 Mak 3 Mak 2 Mak 1 Mak 4
G’day once again from the Slave Dungeon,
Today sees the next release of Ma.K in 15mm figures. This has been a very problematic release with mould issues, token & template issues, sickness and a heap of other things that caused this release to be a fairly small one.
We do apologise & hope to have another release soon.
Anyway, without further ado, here’s the new stuff!
Firstly, the much anticipated and the first of multiple unique versions, the Sandstalker 232M. This figure can be used by either army and is a metal and resin figure.
Next up is the SDR Melusine unit. These are some of my favorite figures, as both kits and miniatures. These come as a pack of six metal figures.
Thirdly, the SDR Kangaroo, this multi part walker is the fourth walker for the SDR army, bringing the maintenance ability to the army.
The next two packs are for those who like to add a bit of flavour to their game and figures.
The Pilot/ground crew pack has 8 individual poses of male and female figures. These are great for dioramas, or even for those who want to make a command figure look unique.
The second pack to add a little more flavour to the table is the open topped Fledermaus. As with the previous pack, these are also great for dioramas, or for objective markers.
All of these packs retail for AU$13.50, and wouldn’t have been available without the efforts of the designers from Grand Scale Games, Twistedpancreas Games , and as always Michael Broadbent.
For those that are interested, we have a set of rules in the works, with play testing downloadable rules here: Ma.K in 15mm house rules group
Make sure to check out all our products at slave2gaming.com
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