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Star Wars Shatterpoint: Greef Karga und IG-11

Atomic Mass Games stellen die Karten für Greef Karga und IG-11 vor.


A variety of fascinating, colorful, and lethal individuals have crossed paths with the Mandalorian, particularly during the fateful mission that would forever change his destiny. Among those who would find themselves an unwitting part of this drama would be Greef Karga and the Assassin Droid IG-11.

Bounty Hunter work has always been a risky trade. The Bounty Hunter Guild has endured and prospered by being pragmatic with its people, understanding sometimes they need to be replaced. Some high-profile jobs might demand a degree of redundancy, even when the Bounty Hunters would prefer to handle things alone.

Greef Karga worked originally as an expediter for the Guild on Nevarro, being a middle-man who would link up Bounty Hunters with their paying clients. In this capacity he got right in the middle of the Mandalorian’s botched job involving the acquisition of Grogu, and would eventually assist Din Djarin in surviving this mess, later going on to rise to the role of magistrate and proving to be a loyal friend and ally. The deadly Assassin Droid IG-11 would find himself on a messier course to assisting the Mandalorian after enduring heavy damage that left his loyalties and purpose confused and vulnerable to being overwritten. These droids possess not only an impressive arsenal of firepower but also last-ditch fail-safes designed to take down their enemies with them, should they be defeated or at risk of capture.


There’s no such thing as a simple pencil-pusher in the Bounty Hunter Guild, and prior to becoming an expeditor, Greef Karga saw his share of action and is quite comfortable tackling mercenary work alongside a colorful roster of associates. Some of My Favorite People Are Bounty Hunters, he’s fond of saying after all. This Active Ability provides a small Heal and a Dash to Bounty Hunters in his proximity. He can also cunningly Close the Deal to thwart enemy plans. This Reactive Ability comes into play when an enemy calls on a unit from reserve, letting Greef put one of his Bounty Hunter friends in motion to Dash and gain a bonus 5-dice attack, hopefully intercepting the activated reserve force before they can do what they had in mind.


Greef Karga has a pair of Innate Abilities that afford him some unusual objectives flexibility. First, There is One Job… provides an intriguing method of reward whereby one of the enemy’s units becomes a priority target marked for elimination by Karga and his fellow Bounty Hunters. This provides an added incentive to have that foe eliminated as part of the objectives of the game. Wolves at My Back allows Karga to break ties in his favor when contesting an Active objective. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to have Greef Karga with you when focusing on vital mission objectives, particularly if he’s got other Bounty Hunters in tow.


Karga’s Middle Man Stance has some useful and unusual features representing his approach to battle. One might expect him to always rely on the pair of blasters he favors, and he is certainly competent with them, but he’s also quite handy up close with a foe, when he can bring his charisma to bear. Karga’s Attack Expertise Charts show some of his special tactics, as his Ranged Attack Expertise Chart shows he is skilled at Disarming a foe, and potentially Exposing them. When up close and able to distract an enemy with Backroom Negotiations, Karga’s Melee
Expertise Chart offers a high chance of Exposing the foe to make them vulnerable to subsequent attacks, and he might even talk them into putting down a weapon with a rarer Disarm.

This Stance’s Combat Tree offers modest damage output, but includes a couple of mobility options (such as an early Dash and a Reposition at the end), along with the early ability to Pin the foe down and Shove them and later to possibly inflict Strained, Shove, and Heals. Karga is a man who can hurt his foes as much with his words as his guns.

Whereas someone far less likely to rely on words is IG-11, the Assassin Droid who originally specialized in killing whatever the Bounty Hunter Guild sent him against. Notions such as bringing a bounty in “alive” were not frequently requested of IG-11.


If IG-11 is awake and moving, you can presume he is On the Hunt. This Tactics Ability affords a Dash plus the very handy ability to remove a condition from itself, allowing it to quickly shake off detrimental conditions imposed by the enemy. IG-11 has been programmed to take in the entirety of a combat and greatly prefers to fire on multiple targets whenever possible. This is aided by its Multithread Targeting Protocol as well as the ability to easily see in all directions at once. This Reactive Ability allows a secondary 5-dice attack whenever making an ordinary combat action attack, a perk which can rack up impressive damage pretty quickly in an extended engagement. Are You Refusing My Request? Demonstrates the droid’s focus on securing objectives, whereby it becomes particularly deadly against those contesting an Active Objective, but potentially at a cost should it fail to wound the foe.


Certainly the most “colorful” ability in the droid’s arsenal is Victory Through Combat is Impossible… which represents its very dangerous self-destruct protocol. This gives IG-11 one last chance to blow up some adversaries despite being wounded, a rather spiteful option but one it engages in quite enthusiastically.


IG-11’s Bondsman Guild Protocol stance is straightforward but very effective. With this Stance, the droid proves to be quite lethal in both ranged and melee, with high Attack Stats for both, plus decent Ranged Defense stats. Its Survival Directive Defensive Expertise Chart proves it to be quite resilient at times. The damage output of this Stance’s Combat Tree is quite decent and can be swapped out for other tactical options, including a very early Reposition, up to two Shoves, the option to Expose the foe, a middle tree Pinning, and a chance near the end of the tree to Heal. While there’s no question IQ-11 prefers to shoot foes, as many as it can see and aim its guns at, the droid is nearly as happy to close on the foe to put holes in them from closer up and potentially explode in their faces. Its zeal for combat suggests nearly zero self-preservation. The bounty hunters featured here can join alongside such noteworthy legends as the Mandalorian and others to inflict a surprising amount of damage, whether or not the Guild is actually sanctioning their actions.

Until next time, Atomic Mass Transmissions, signing off!

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