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Spielvorstellung: Shroudfall

Aus Österreich kommt ein neues Skirmish mit interessanten Modelldesigns.

Shroudfall 1

The sacrifice

Thousands of years ago Aethramor sacrificed his very essence‭, ‬becoming the eternal Shroud‭, ‬an arcane shield‭, ‬protecting all of Astira‭, ‬the last remaining human kingdom‭, ‬until this very day‭. ‬Thanks to this very sacrifice humankind was able to thrive under the protection of their newfound protector‭, ‬finding a new god in the Shroud itself‭. ‬

Never faltering‭, ‬never showing the slightest weakness‭, ‬the Shroud has stood as an unwavering protector and shield against the horrors of the Beyond for untold time‭. ‬And the people of Astira are grateful to their protector‭, ‬revering it as a physical manifestation of their guardian deity and bringer of life with its warm light‭.‬

Shroudfall Preview 4

The day of the rupture

Until one day the heavenly voice of the Shroud vanished from the minds of her priests‭. ‬For untold times its wisdom had guided the people of Astira and the sudden silence left the people frightened‭. ‬Then the very fabric of the Shroud quivered‭. ‬It was as if‭ ‬a tremor of ancient power surged through the mystical barrier that encased their world‭.‬

The once-steady barrier‭, ‬a symbol of unwavering protection‭, ‬now pulsated erratically‭. ‬It was as if waves of energy‭, ‬like those in a stormy sea‭, ‬crashed together at a single point high up in the sky‭. ‬A hush fell over the bustling capital of Astira and all eyes turned upward‭, ‬gazing at the majestic dome above‭. ‬Fear mingled with curiosity‭, ‬hearts pounding with uncertainty‭. ‬

The waves of shudders intensified‭, ‬vibrating through the very air itself‭. ‬The sky seemed to swirl‭, ‬an ethereal dance of colors painted across the dome’s surface‭. ‬Dark hues of red and black cascaded like liquid light‭, ‬mingling with the familiar teal and purple colors of the Shroud‭. ‬And then‭, ‬in a mesmerizing display of power and vulnerability‭, ‬a tear appeared‭. ‬A jagged rift etched itself upon the Shroud’s surface‭, ‬its edges shimmering with an otherworldly glow‭. ‬It was as if a crack in reality itself had formed‭, ‬a portal to the unknown‭.‬

For the first time in millennia‭, ‬the barrier thought eternal‭, ‬had failed‭.

Shroudfall Preview 1

The Shroud must prevail

Although the first tear sealed itself in only mere moments‭, ‬the races of Astira remained immutably changed‭. ‬The once-distant horrors of the Beyond‭, ‬only known from the holy scriptures‭, ‬suddenly felt far more real and threatening‭. ‬Fear‭, ‬uncertainty‭, ‬and vulnerability washed through the lands‭. ‬The people stood frozen‭, ‬unable to fully comprehend the implications of this desaster‭.‬

The Shroud had been an unyielding shield for as long as anyone could remember‭, ‬and the races of Astira had grown complacent in their reliance on its protection‭. ‬They were blissfully unaware of the true horrors lurking just beyond its confines‭. ‬

While the preachers of the Holy Conclave managed to avoid uprisings with their preachings‭, ‬the life in Astira has lastinlgy changed‭. ‬The Shroud continued to falter and the only thing seemingly able to support its waining defenses are a steady supply of essence crystals‭. ‬The people‭, ‬once united by the protection of the Shroud‭, ‬are now divided by the increasingly escalating demand for this precious resource‭, ‬for the Shroud’s appetite for energy seems insatiable‭. ‬Once available in abundance‭, ‬essence crystals now increasingly become scarce and their prices keep escalating‭.

Shroudfall Preview 6

Kommen wir zu den ersten Fraktionen:

The Silver Line

In the tumultuous age after the first Rupture, ‬the‭ ‬Silver Line‭, ‬once a representatory guard and symbol of the Shroud’s protection‭, ‬finds itself facing unprecedented challenges‭. ‬Tasked with not only maintaining peace within the human kingdom of Astira but also with gathering more essence crystals to sustain the weakening Shroud‭, ‬the Silver Line shoulders a heavy burden‭. ‬They must adapt to the changing circumstances and confront new threats that have arisen since the first rupture of the Shroud‭.‬


At the heart of the Silver Line’s strength lies their innovative use of essence technology. Integrated the latest advancements in essence technology into their weaponry and armor, the glint of their arms reflects not just steel but the brilliance of essence-infused craftsmanship. These advancements have granted them a significant edge on the battlefield, making the Silver Line a force to be reckoned with.

Despite their dominance in strategic excellence and technological prowess, the Silver Line distinguishes itself by maintaining a comparatively lean force. While other factions may boast larger numbers, the Silver Line’s focus on quality over quantity has allowed them to equip each of their troops with superior gear.

Shroudfall March Of The First Army 1 Shroudfall March Of The First Army 2 Shroudfall March Of The First Army 3 Shroudfall March Of The First Army 4 Shroudfall March Of The First Army 5

Detachment Bundle: March of the First Army – € 89,90

The First Army stands as a formidable and revered detachment within the ranks of the Silver Line. Led by Count Wealton Adamant, the Third, the First Army is the backbone of the Silver Line. The soldiers of the First Army are handpicked for their exceptional skills, unwavering loyalty. Clad in radiant steel, the First Army marches forth with discipline and purpose, symbolizing the vanguard of Astiras defense.

Product contains:

1 x Count Adamant Wealton, the Third resin model (1 pose)
1 x Captain Katheryn Stormridge resin model (1 pose)
3 x Blade Warden resin model (3 poses)
3 x Riflemen resin model (3 poses)
8 x 32 mm base

Shroudfall Heavy Metal 1 Shroudfall Heavy Metal 2 Shroudfall Heavy Metal 3 Shroudfall Heavy Metal 4 Shroudfall Heavy Metal 5

Detachment Bundle: Heavy Metal – € 139,90

The Second Army, an imposing detachment within the Silver Line forces, stands as a testament to the union of magic and technology. Led by the enigmatic and stoic Major Byron Kildare, this formidable unit consists entirely of hulking Guardians crafted from the finest metals and powered by the latest essence technology. Major Kildare, a master tactician and skilled artificer, oversees the Second Army with a steely gaze, commanding his soldiers with precision and unwavering discipline.

Product contains:

1 x Major Byron Kildare resin model (1 pose)
2 x Guardian Brawler resin models (2 poses)
2 x Guardian Defiant resin models (2 poses)
2 x Guardian Lawbringer resin models (2 poses)
6 x 40mm base
1 x 50 mm base

Shroudfall The Zero Division 1 Shroudfall The Zero Division 2

Detachment Bundle: The Zero Division – € 89,90

The Zero Division is a legendary detachment of Goblin Scouts, said to contain the sneakiest and most cunning of all Goblins. Well, at least legendary among Goblins … They march into battle adorned with makeshift silver armor and brandishing tiny, impractical weapons. Many young Goblins dream of joining the Zero Divison one day and as luck might have it, most actually do, as the Zero Division is in constant need of new recruits.

Product contains:

4 x 5 Goblin Scout resin model (5 poses)
20 x 32 mm base

Weiter geht es mit den Kuschelbären!

The Chosen of the Spirit Tree

The origins of the Ailur‭, ‬a race of strong and stoic giant pandas‭, ‬and Aiyani‭ ,‬nimble and fiery red pandas‭, ‬can be traced back to ancient times‭. ‬Due to their vastly different natures‭, ‬both races were at odds with each other for as long as any member of both of their races could remember‭. ‬But their common history would change drastically once the Spirit Tree was discovered at the very heart of the Forest of Souls‭. ‬This‭ ‬giant tree‭, ‬said to be created by the Spirit of Nature itself‭, ‬formed a deep connection with both races and intuitively‭, ‬understanding their very nature and with time formed them into the common society known today as‭ ‬the Ailur Aiyani‭. ‬

​Since then the Spirit Tree has guided the Ailur Aiyani over countless generations and a profound bond was forged between both races and this mystical spirit of nature‭. ‬At the same time they repay this divine guidance with reverence and by serving as the unwavering guardians of the Spirit Tree and nature itself‭. ‬For the Ailur and Aiyani the Spirit Tree represents the physical manifestation of their god and the religious center for their religion‭. ‬Some even say that the tree is the link between the realms of‭ ‬spirits and mortals‭.‬

Shroudfall Preview 4


On the battlefield the Chosen of the Spirit Tree are defined by duality. While the Ailur embody the essence of slow and deliberate tenacity as well as martial prowess, the Aiyani are nimble and wield powerful elemental magic, manipulate the battlefield and disrupting your opponents army.

This playstyle is even further enhanced by the intrinsic faction mechanic of the Chosen of the Spirit Tree. Each unit type either follows the philosophy of Discord or Harmony. Successfully mastering the ebb and flow between Discord and Harmony allows players to harness the full potential of this faction, creating a formidable force on the battlefield that adapts to any challenge with resilience, magical finesse, and a captivating dance between two contrasting styles.

Shroudfall First Servant Of The Spirit Tree 1 Shroudfall First Servant Of The Spirit Tree 2

First Servant of the Spirit Tree (Chosen of the Spirit Tree) – € 37,90

The First Servant of the Spirit Tree holds a special position, even among the chosen few of the Spirit Tree. The Servant is in constant communication with the Spirit Tree, receiving divine guidance and missions to ensure the balance of the natural world. As a paragon of martial prowess and spiritual power, the First Servant acts as emissary for the wishes of Spirit Tree.

In the eyes of the Chosen, the First Servant is not only a peerless warrior but a guiding light, embodying the balance between strength, agility, and endurance. His presence on the battlefield and within the community serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring his people to unite as one with nature and the Spirit Tree. Under his leadership, the Chosen stand resolute, forever dedicated to preserving the sacred bond between their world and the realm of spirits.

Product contains:

  • 1 x First servant of the Spirit Tree resin model (1 pose)
  • 1 x 50mm base

Shroudfall Razhu & Chaku 1 Shroudfall Razhu & Chaku 2 Shroudfall Razhu & Chaku 3 Shroudfall Razhu & Chaku 4 Shroudfall Razhu & Chaku 5

Razhu & Chaku (Chosen of the Spirit Tree) – € 49,90

Razhu and Chaku, the legendary monster hunter brothers, are the stuff of myths and tales whispered around campfires in the world. These seasoned hunters have become living legends, their names synonymous with prowess, fearlessness, and the relentless pursuit of the most formidable creatures that roam the realm. Stories even claim that they have hunted every essence beast in existence.

The tales surrounding Razhu and Chaku’s exploits are filled with epic encounters, daring escapes, and the triumphant takedown of creatures that would send lesser hunters fleeing. From the venomous lairs of colossal serpents to the shadowy realms of ethereal wraiths, the brothers have left their mark on every corner of the world.

Product contains:

  • 1 x Razhu resin model (1 pose)
  • 1 x Chaku resin model (1 pose)
  • 2 x 50mm bases

Shroudfall Stormcallers 1 Shroudfall Stormcallers 2 Shroudfall Stormcallers 3

Stormcallers (Chosen of the Spirit Tree) – € 32,90

All Red Pandas share a deep connection to the Spirit Tree and through it to the raw elemental powers of nature. Among them, the Stormcallers unique connection to the very essence of lightning grants them an unparalleled mastery over this dangerous force of nature. In times of need, they raise their paws to the heavens, beseeching the Spirit Tree for aid, and in response, a tempest of thunderous clouds and dazzling electric currents gather in the skies. Their eyes glow with ethereal intensity as they draw upon the raw energy of the storm, channeling it through their beings.

When the Stormcallers unleash their might, arcs of electrifying power shoot forth from their paws, dancing with an otherworldly grace. These searing electrical arcs seek out their adversaries, delivering potent and humbling blows to those who dare challenge the might of the Chosen of the Spirit Tree. To witness a Stormcaller in action is to behold the very essence of nature’s wrath channeled through an unyielding spirit.

Product contains:

  • 3 x Stormcaller resin model (3 poses)
  • 1 x Thunderstorm manifestaton resin model (1 pose)
  • 4 x 32mm base

Shroudfall Serene Sentinels 1 Shroudfall Serene Sentinels 2

Serene Sentinels (Chosen of the Spirit Tree) – € 43,90

The Serene Sentinels stand as the stalwart guardians of the ancient Spirit Tree, destined to be its unwavering protectors. With their profound connection to the Spirit Tree, they are gifted with supernatural endurance, never wavering in their eternal guard. They stand as living bulwarks, unyielding against even the fiercest of onslaughts. Though not blessed with swiftness, their sturdiness and unshakable resolve make them formidable in securing strategic regions of the battlefield.

Through years of devoted training and discipline, the Serene Sentinels embody the essence of tranquility and inner peace, reflecting the wisdom and strength of the Spirit Tree itself. Their spirits resonate with the calmness of a still forest lake, yet beneath their composed demeanor lies an unyielding determination to protect and preserve the sacred bond between their people and the Spirit Tree.

Product contains:

  • 3 x Serene Sentinel resin models (3 poses)
  • 3 x 40mm base

Weiter geht es mit den Finsterlingen!

The Umbral Veil

In the years after the first rupture and in the absence of their only known god‭, ‬a religious movement, questioning the Shroud itself, quickly gained in popularity‭. ‬Believing that the weakening of the Shroud was a sign from the divine‭, ‬a consequence of the world’s imbalance caused by the excesses and corruption of the wealthy elite‭. As the divide between the rich and poor widened more and more a militant group started forming, with the singular goal of toppling the established ruling class and introducing a new order. Thus the Umbral Veil was born, a loose group led by militant alchemists that weaponized and twisted their alchemic knowledge of essence to create horrifying monstrosities.

The Umbral Veil’s rise brings with it a clash of ideologies and a struggle for power‭. ‬The established order‭, ‬represented by the affluent and influential‭, increasingly ‬view the Umbral Veil as a real threat to their power and start surpressing the poor masses even more‭. ‬At the same time these acts force even more people into the ranks of the Umbral Veil, with many ending as monstrous creations to fuel the engine of revolution.

Shroudfall Preview 5


The Umbral Veil play style is heavily built around the synergies between the units of alchemists as well as their creations, the monstrosities. These alchemic abominations are an unnatural blend of essence magic and technology, turning ordinary humans into hulking behemoths that tower over a normal man. Still the process takes a toll on their mind and most of them are not more than simple brutes once they are released from the underground laboratories.

On the battlefield they can follow simple instructions, but their capabilities are severely limited without their masters carefully guiding them towards their enemies. With a variety of alchemical concoctions, the alchemists can briefly enhance their physical performance even further. Their greatest strength is at the same time their greatest weakness. Monstrosities separated from their masters are mindless monster, easily outsmarted by their enemies. Granted nearly three Meter tall mindless monsters, so maybe don’t approach them alone …

Shroudfall Rampart Brute 1 Shroudfall Rampart Brute 2 Shroudfall Rampart Brute 3

Rampart Brute (Umbral Veil) – € 24,90

What sets the Rampart Brute apart among all of the creations of the alchemists, is its singular focus on wreaking havoc and dealing devastating damage. Embedded within its back is a pulsating mockery of an essence reactor, the source of its destructive power. When unleashed upon the battlefield, the Rampart Brute becomes an unstoppable force, charging into the midst of enemy ranks with unbridled aggression. Its enormous fists, slam into adversaries with bone-crushing force, while its colossal frame effortlessly crushes any opposition in its path.

However, the dark alchemical process that empowers the Rampart Brute comes at a cost—the creature’s intellect is reduced to a primal simplicity, leaving it driven solely by a relentless instinct to destroy. In the midst of battle, the Rampart Brute becomes a relentless juggernaut, an embodiment of destructive power harnessed through forbidden alchemical means.

Product contains:

  • 1 x Rampart Brute resin model (1 poses)
  • 1 x 50mm base

Shroudfall Ironbound Brute 1 Shroudfall Ironbound Brute 2 SHroudfall Ironbound Brute 3

Ironbound Brute (Umbral Veil) – € 24,90

The Ironbound Brute, a testament to the Alchemists‘ macabre ingenuity, lumbers onto the battlefield as a resilient and imposing guardian. Unlike its more nimble counterparts, the Ironbound Brute prioritizes sturdiness and toughness, embodying an indomitable fortress of metal and magic. Its exterior is a fusion of sinewy flesh and interwoven metallic plating, creating an intimidating visage that strikes fear into the hearts of its foes.

It serves as a steadfast protector of its creators. Its durable composition and metal-infused skin provide an impenetrable barrier against enemy assaults. Positioned strategically on the battlefield, the Ironbound Brute becomes an unyielding bulwark, shielding the Alchemists from harm as they continue their arcane experiments. In the crucible of war, the Ironbound Brute emerges as a juggernaut of defense, capable of both absorbing punishment and manipulating the flow of battle to the advantage of its creators.

Product contains:

  • 1 x Ironbound Brute resin model (1 pose)
  • 1 x 50mm base

Hier geht es zu den Regeln:

Shroudfall Preview 6

Regeldownloads (Link öffnet Shroudfall-Website)

Weitere Infos zu den Mechaniken:

Shroudfall is a tabletop game that is focused on providing an exciting skirmish level battle experience. Players take control of warbands that compete for land, rare resources and most of all for Essence crystals. These warbands or often led by infamous Essence Weavers, leaders with arcane abilities special even among the gifted.

On the tabletop, gameplay is all about balancing your long term strategy with the ability to adapt to the everchanging situation on the battlefield. Essence can enable your units to achieve unimaginable feats and win fights thought impossible, but it can also lose you the battle if spent unwisely and short-sighted.

Every decision on the tabletop has consequences in Shroudfall …


To create an engaging and challenging tabletop experience‭, ‬Shroudfall employs the core concept of alternating activations‭. ‬This‭ ‬means players have to carefully evaluate which unit to activate next‭, ‬while also creating constant action for players‭. ‬Shroudfall gameplay is all about adaptability and players will need to carefully balance their strategy with their opponents’‭ ‬actions on the table‭. ‬


The Shroudfall game experience is enhanced by the resource system of Shroudfall‭ ‬–‭ ‬Essence‭. ‬Essence is the primary source of magic within Shroudfall and throughout the game you will have to manage this precious‭ ‬resource‭. ‬Every unit creates Essence for your entire army which then enables you to use powerful abilities that can turn the tide of battle in your favour‭. ‬You have to carefully balance which abilities to use‭, ‬and when and where to rather save Essence.


In Shroudfall the scenarios you play on the table are defined by the scenario both players included in their army lists. Armies most often set out with clear missions, but sometimes chance strikes and they find themselves in situations that require adaptability on the battlefield. Therefore the scenario are part of each player army list, creating an unexpected combination of scenarios each game.


Armies try to outmanoeuvre their enemies and aim to engage on battlefields beneficial to them. Therefore also the terrain on the tabletop is defined by both players’ army list. The battlefield is created directly before a game, with both players trying to create the optimal terrain for their armies. 

Mit etwas Glück werden wir uns die Modelle zu Shroudfall bald mal in einem Review genauer anschauen!

Wie gefällt Euch das bisher Gezeigte? Habt Ihr Fragen an die Entwickler?

Schreibt es in die Kommentare!

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  • Schon gespielt mit meinen sich im Aufbau befindlichen Pandas. Schönes Spiel, interessante Mechanismen, gerade richtiger Komplexitätsgrad mit Warmachine-touch. Minis sind großartig, Top Print Qualität, feines Design und gut und dankbar zu bemalen. Viel Herzblut dabei, eine Empfehlung.

  • Hab es ein paar Mal Probegespielt und kann es nur empfehlen: Die Regeln sind klasse, die Einheitenaktivierung generiert Essenzpunkte (es gibt drei Farben, die Einheiten generieren typabhängig was anderes), die man dann wieder für besondere Skills und Verbesserung von Würfelwürfen nutzen kann. Man muss also etwas vorausplanen, welche Essenz man im Laufe der Runde braucht und entsprechend die Aktivierungsreihenfolge planen.

    Am besten aber finde ich, dass man in seine Liste Szenarien und Geländepacks schreibt – am Anfang des Spiels wird dann aufgebaut somit passt immer ein Teil des Geländes zur Armeeliste, und zur Optik. Da das Gelände einen standardisierten Footprint hat, kann man den nehmen und sich Gelände basteln, das thematisch zur Armee passt. Bei den Szenarien kann man sicherstellen, dass ein Teil der Objectives zur Armee passen.

    Da sind viele coole Ideen dabei, das sollte man sich echt mal anschauen!

  • Habe auch mehrere Testspiele hinter mir und es spielt sich einfach schön. Die Szenarien fordern einen, die Größe der Spiele ist genau richtig und es ging ein paar kreative, spannende Mechaniken.

    Die Figuren der Pandas (besitze nur die) sind jeden Cent wert und machen viel Spaß bei der Bemalung, da die Details klar und gut modelliert sind.

  • Ich habe auch schon einige Probespiele hinter mir. Neben den Modellen gefällt mir das Ressourcensystem mit den verschiedenen Arten von Essence-Kristallen am besten. Es erlaubt viele Möglichkeiten und stellt einen beim Spielen immer wieder vor knifflige Entscheidungen.
    Bin schon sehr gespannt, was sich die Gamebreakers noch so alles einfallen lassen. 🙂

  • Uff .. die Preise sind jetzt schon nicht klein!
    Auf den ersten Blick wirkt das schon ein wenig „inspiriert“ von anderen Systemen wie z.B. Warmachine.

    Werde mir die Regeln mal genauer ansehen, zur Not kann man die Modelle je erstmal proxen.
    Vielleicht sind die ja auf der Tactica anzutreffen (wäre nicht unclever das Spiel da zu Promoten, insbesondere wenn man aus Österreich kommt)

    Da ich selber eher im Bier&Brezeligen Spielbereich angesiedelt bin, weiß ich nicht ob das System etwas für mich ist, aber mal schauen.

  • Bin ebenso schon in den Genuss gekommen ein paar Probespiele machen zu dürfen.
    Das Spiel ist super taktisch und bietet angenehme Komplexität ohne dabei kompliziert zu sein und macht daher richtig Spaß.
    Die Miniaturen sind ein Traum.
    Bin gespannt auf die weitere Entwicklung.

  • Die Modelle sind super schön und haben ihren eigenen Stil.
    Zum spielen bin ich leider noch nicht gekommen und der Preis schreckt mich etwas ab. Aber wer weiß.

  • ui, das sieht schon sehr cool aus. Wer kann schon zur Kung Fu Panda Apocalypse nein sagen? Aber Spaß beiseite, wirkt schon interessant und die Fotos der echten Minis sind ein Traum, finde die persönlich schon sehr hübsch

  • Danke für die vielen positiven Rückmeldungen!

    Wir haben Shroudfall so konzipiert, dass der Einstieg sehr leicht ist, das Ceiling nach oben für kompetitive Games aber viel Platz lässt. Wir sind selbst eher kompetitive Spieler und wollen hier eine aktive Turnierszene etablieren.

    In der ersten Wave planen wir 4 Fraktionen mit je 15 Auswahlen – davon jeweils 3 Essence Weaver (Leader-Modelle). Dazu kommen dann noch eine Handvoll Söldner.

    Die ersten beiden Fraktionen – die Silver Line und die Chosen of the Spirit Tree – sind schon recht weit fortgeschritten. Die Beta-Regeln für die 3. Fraktion – Umbral Veil – sind auch auch schon da. Auf denen liegt demnächst auch der Fokus für die physischen Modelle.

    Fraktion 4 treibt sich noch in den Wäldern Astiras herum, aber man kann schon so viel verraten, es wird in der Lore eine Gegenspieler Fraktion, gegen die sich manche Völker auch mal verbünden müssen.

    Werft auch gerne einen Blick auf unseren Blog, hier haben wir im ersten Posting kurz den Start von Shroudfall und die grundlegende Designrichtung des Games beschrieben.

    Blog: https://www.shroudfall.com/post/let-s-create-a-tabletop-sure-but-it-has-to-come-with-pandas

    Im März sind wir auch auf der RheinCon mit Demo Games und allen Modellen zu finden 🙂

    P.S.: Im gesamten Februar haben wir für den Shop einen -10% Rabatt laufen, einfach den Code „#welaunched!“ eingeben.

  • Toll, dass ihr Macher den Leuten scheinbar gute Möglichkeiten zum Probespielen geschaffen habt.
    Sehr löblich und entsprechend auch gute Kommentare hier. Viel Erfolg!

  • Die Modelle sind interessant und recht hübsch, aber der Preis für 3D Druck Modelle ist für mich drüber. Mag sein, dass ich falsch liege, ich hab hier die Befürchtung, dass immer mal wieder was abbrechen könnte.

    Was mich hier allerdings völlig irritiert, ist diese Lobhudelei von, zumindest mir, völlig unbekannten Usern während der Morgenstunden. Das ist so dermaßen Brückenkopf-untypisch, das es ein „Gschmäkle“ hinterläßt…

    • Die Sorge hinsichtlich der Bruchresistenz von Modellen können wir sehr gut nachvollziehen. Da haben wir am Anfang viel Zeit investiert um das perfekte Resin zu finden. Hier haben einige Figuren den Haustier- und Kindertest durchgemacht und wir waren erst zufrieden wenn die Modelle hier einige Stürze überlebt haben 😉 Wir verwenden ausschließlich Ameralabs Resin – ein sehr flexibles und starkes Resin – für all unsere Modelle.

      Ich glaub das Thema Kommentare ist recht einfach erklärt 😉 Wir haben uns über den Artikel sehr gefreut und er wurde auch auf unserem Beta-Discord geteilt. Da sind schon um die 100 Leute drauf und da haben natürlich gleich einige kommentiert.

      Schau gerne auch mal vorbei: https://discord.gg/VSSGpSd4Ny

  • ich finde gut das hier die positiven kommentare in überzahl sind, solamge es die regeln 4free gibt, kann ich es mir wenigesten mal anschauen.

    Obwohl ich bei wow überhaupt kein pandaren fan bin, frage ich mich hier, ob es für die anderen fraktion auch spieler geben wird.

  • Mir gefallen die beiden großen Pandas direkt sehr gut (Razhu & Chaku) und auch die Stormcallers finde ich cool. Die Preise finde ich aber nicht gut. Schade schade Schokolade.

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