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Puppetswar: Neue Veröffentlichungen

Puppetswar zeigen noch neue Veröffentlichungen für Ende Februar.

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February 2024 release – Elite Striker Jetbikers

Hi Gang!

Cavalry has arrived! The last of the February release is finally here!
We have for you striker Jet bikers in three usual styles, a specific Jetbike Knight Hero and a bunch of themed bits to accompany him. Additionally, we use this project as an opportunity to revisit previously released bikers, on top of preparing all parts for Jet Bikers we made new versions of bike strikers to make them on par with our current releases (those new redesigned parts will be added to already existing products on MMF)


Unfortunately, jet again we did not manage to prepare and test all supports for the last release on time. For now, you have access to all unsupported files of this set and in a couple of days, we will update your MMF with supported versions. If you still prefer to download files from a direct link just send us a DM we will prepare one for you. We are terribly sorry for this delay and inconvenience.

We know that the lack of regular studio updates, release sets during the last days of the month and occasional delays in providing supported files are not great for you guys. We will try to organise our work better in the upcoming months, that said we could not be happier with how those jet bikes turned out and we are glad that we gave ourselves those few extra days to nail the design 🙂 Hope you like them as much as we do.

You can download the files here, we will also share them with you on MMF as soon as possible.

In The March Release you can expect to see:

– Exorcist Battlewalker (striker)

– Orc Trackers squad

Again Thank you for your patience trust and support!

Have fun printing!

PW Team


Puppetswar12 Puppetswar13 Puppetswar14 Puppetswar15 Puppetswar16

Orc Tracker Chieftain is here! All files for this set can be downloaded here. As usual, we will share it with you on MMF as soon as possible.


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